Dark Memes III - Arcanysts Anonymous Abyssian


I missed January somehow, but Dark Memes is back to spread its message of dank darkness (or dark dankness?) across the Doolists, always tested by yours truly.

So, I finally decided to support the game with a ridiculously low sum of money and bought the bronze bundle. Inside was a certain legendary, something so memey that of course I had to build a list around it. So, (insert drum roll)…

In Arcanysts Anonymous, spells are many and dudes are weird. There are the usual suspects: the quirky elitist Abjud, Illu who suffers from a serious lack of certain vitamins and nutrients and always brings his annoying (and numerous) kids to the meetings, Bender whose parents loved Futurama and who himself loves dancing, the at-least-100-years-old Owlie who might really need a shave, Firey who just loves setting things on fire, and of course Archie, the dude that thinks this is a meeting of some occultist cult. They have one thing in common: a serious addiction to abusing spells, which seems to get worse by every game. (on a more serious note this is of course not meant to offend anyone, if you suffer from an addiction which really messes with your life get help, there’s nothing shameful in doing that)

So as you may have noticed, this is a pure-bred Arcanyst list with no 2-drops - instantly and completely game-winning of course. Some of the better combos include Owlbeast + any Arcanyst (especially Illusionist) + cheap spells and Illusions/Spellsparks with Void Steal of DFC. Dank Seed and Archon serve as finishers and work about 20% of the time 100% of the time.

Win rates, you say? In the epic realms of Gold, I got 11 wins out of 20 with this so a 55% win rate overall which is playable as a meme I think. Some ridiculous stuff can happen when you get more than 2 Owlbeast Sages out or you Abjudicate 4 spells at the same time. Firestarter combos take f o r e v e r though, so if you’re running a slow computer like I am you might really want to rehearse your movement and attack speed.

Thoughts? Please share! Miguel out.


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