Dark Memes II: Ooz's Zoo


Ooz’s Zoo!

Try out now, I won! (Tu! O y, rt.) = (Thank you! Oh why, right?)

Easy, as u say “sae”.

Ok maybe enough stupid palindromes for today. Welcome to the second installment of Dark Memes, brought to you by an Abyss main Miguel! This time I highlight the cute and reliable little guy Ooz, who is maybe the hardest working dude in most creep lists, while less flashy and feared than the more bulkier Cass threats like Klaxon and Rev. Isn’t he just adorable?

Getting Ooz out is imho both a strong and memey play in itself, especially in the early game, so I thought what if you could play even more Ooz? Lo and behold:

Besides having the 3 Ooz that Cass usually runs, you can get Ooz from Inkhorn Gaze, Mantella and L’Kian, bringing the theoretical amount of Oozy Ooziness per a game to a whopping 15! Since you don’t want to leave out his friends (this is a Zoo after all), Amu and Yun are always there to really make the memes come true (yeah they’re really pretty horrible I know). Finishers include Obliterate, multiple Revenants or just using a ridiculous swarm of stats like Juggernaut + Ooz + a couple of the stronger 1-mana pets when you’re ahead.

To my surprise, the deck first took me to Diamond from rank 6 to 5 in 4/5 wins! In diamond, things have been somewhat more predictable, with 6/14 wins (still pretty playable for a meme). I have to say that my current records are playing 4 Ooz in a game, and 3 Ooz in a single turn and I won both those games! Feel free to beat those :smiley: Another fun fact, it seems that it loses to almost everything out there but still seems to consistently beat Starhorn (3 or 4 wins and no losses).

Comments, opinions, please share!

We need a fixed post for duelyst memes

What about nether summoning, keeper and Zuriel (Zurial? )?

That’s like potentially more than 24 ooz’s!


Yeah unfortunately had to stick to a budget version :smiley: Nether Summoning would be so much fun here! I have no doubt that a deck including all of those would have a more than 200% winrate!


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