Dark Memes I: Spell Swarm


So with the introduction of Captain Awesome Variax in RotB, Abyssian and especially Lilithe have obviously been very popular. (whispers in Darth Sidious voice: good… gooood!)

This series, however, is not about what’s popular or even good, but rather me trying to build some new Abyss decks which are both creative (to an extent ofc) and fun to play :stuck_out_tongue: I got into S-rank first time this month using an another Lilithe Swarm deck (without Variax).

Starting out with a deck that’s actually on the border of being relatively usable: Spell Swarm Lilithe (or Spellithe, if you like). I started with a more regular Arcanyst deck and found out, to no surprise, that it performed quite awfully with Lilithe. I left most of the spells, tweaked a little, kicked all of the Arcanysts out except Prismatic Illusionist and here is the result:

Generally when I play Swarm, I want to get as much value out of Bloodmoon Priestess as possible if I play her on the field. This decktype adds Prismatic Illusionist as a second, cheaper swarmer which allows us to keep flooding the field even after multiple Plasma Storms, Skorns etc. They’re a match made in heaven, or rather in space! (Illusionist looks kind of scifi/alien-like imho and they both got that sphere-hula hoop thing going).

The downside of using this dynamic duo is the lack of well-statted minions, so keeping the swarm going and getting Shadowdancer out in time is extremely important. This deck is in a severe need of at least 1 more DFC, so you might want to add those if you want to test this out. Other possible spells to include could be Void Pulse or Grasp of Agony.

The deck performs slightly worse than my regular Swarm thingy: so far played 16 games in low S with 7 wins, 1 draw and 8 losses. One game was absolutely the most hilarious one I have played yet, where I managed to have a combination of about 15 Wraiths and Illusions out, and the Vanar opponent got a Sleet Dasher with flying & immunity to damage this turn. He ran out of time after killing over half of my swarm, and I managed to finish with a Rev :grinning:

Any comments, thoughts, feel free to share!

Edit: 16 more games out with the deck in Jan. Silver/Gold, 75% wins.


I think that wraithling swarm is more usefull than gloomchaser. Personnaly, in my own swarm deck, I just remove them.


I would just like to point out that I played Abyssian since I first started playing this game. The deck does look good though, but I’ve only played Creep and Wraithlings.


Wraithling Swarm could indeed have some nice synergy here! The problem with it in this case is that it’s a 3 mana spell, which is harder to synergize with Illusionist than Sphere or Inkhorn. Gloomchaser gives the same amount of stats as Wraithling Swarm for 1 mana less, and can be played as P1 opening so I’ve found it more useful generally for that reason. The extra body is nice, but 3 mana spells need to be more impactful imo to be really useful.


Greetings, fellow dark sider! I’d suggest trying some other things out as well when you’ve got a good place for that, the faction is more diverse than what some people may think. This deck has a somewhat similar feel to swarm-focused Wraith decks, you just swarm more and buff less. I haven’t really played Cass yet besides a few games, gotta change that soon (I hope I don’t fail miserably) :smiley:


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