Dance of Battle Pets - 3 Mandrakes in one turn FTW


Based on the old DoD - Kujata - TFang combo but added Hydrax and 1hp pets.
win con: 1) TFang burst or 2) 2-3 Mandrake drop.

Ran out of 1hp battle pets so added Bloodtear and Dreamgazer as they can have synergy with Tfang. Planar scout could be good opening move with razor skin.

Crafted 1 Hydrax
Remove dreamgazers and bloodtear as they are not really needed for the pump, the battle pets are enough if Hydrax is out.
Added Mantella, Rawr and Confluence as i find hydrax gets good draw if i have a board of battle pets (obviously)
reluctantly added Shroud as i lost a round against 2 Aymaras.
2 gameplay video highlighting when it works down the thread

Have not tested this much yet. Putting it here to get some opinions and maybe ideas to possibly make the deck more consistent.

Library of archetypes?[WIP]

I’m no expert, but for a deck with over half the cards 1 mana this seems a little light on draw?


It’s actually the deck with most draw potential in the game. Kujata, Dance of Dreams and 1 hp minions plus Twing Fang to finish of the combo. I will let you figure it out by yourself.

OT: Can adeck like this even afford Hydrax, Razor Skin and arguably Mandrakes? The original deck is inconsistent as it is and it doesn’t really seem to needs anymore draw outside what you already get with the combo. Maybe I’m missing something here but adding all these additional synergies just makes the deck seem strictly worse and it’s already awful as it is when it comes to it’s competitiveness.


yeah it is quite greedy but when DoD and Hydrax gets you 2 draw there is a chance you get a mandrake and battle pet, and you continue to draw and maybe a 2nd/3rd mandrake comes your way.


Ah, I was not very familiar with Dance of Dreams. And Hydrax has draw too. Cool idea.

I’m not sure how Kujata helps with draw unless you just mean by making it easier for stuff to die.


That is the point actually.
Kujata makes the pet dies on arrival(most have a single HP), triggering new draws.


Alright, so I’ll continue to sound dumb in front of a studio audience, but what is the player gaining from things that instantly die and are replaced by other cards? Other than pumping Twin Fang.

This deck is very interesting and I want to understand it better. I assume others are also as dumb as me and would appreciate knowing more about how it works. :slight_smile:


Pumping Twin fang. For otk reasons.
You want kujata played, dance of dreams in hand and twin fang either equipped or in hand, although the latter is often better for surprise reasons. Then you proceed to cycle through half your deck and hit the enemy general in the face for 60. Assuming there are no provokes and he is in range.


Yes the old win con was just pumping TFang but with added Hydrax which I hope to combo with DoD to get 2 draws off pets dying, those 2 draws might just get 3 zero cost Mandrake on board.


Somebody tried it? I’m too scary! :joy:


I used a deck like that but before battle pets just all the 1hp neutrals and I gotta say when it works it’s pretty hilarious one game i got to draw over 15 cards in one turn and my general was like 48 attack lol


unfortunately i don’t have the cards or dust to make this or i would craft in in an instant. it looks super fun


Neat :smiley: I think Skorns would be better than Planar Scout (as an additional activator for the DoD+Fang combo, and a bit of tech), and consider some number of Thumping Waves (to reduce punishment from the likes of Nimbus and Taygette and give you just a little extra burst for surprise kills with Kujata, Dream Gazer, Blood Tear, or Hydrax)

Playing 3 drops would definitely slow the deck down considerably, but I’d opt for consistently having setups and a bit of tech for a better t4-5 burst over the higher number of t3 kills.


at first I was thinking of going full on 1hp minions so Skorn will not work as they die immediately with kujata, basically no big minions that could stick for Skorn to work.
But i have modified the deck now and i think Skorn might be workable in the new deck. Reluctant about TWave as it is a Pet heavy deck.


Tested 2 rounds on Silver. Almost won the 2nd game, had to eat 2 aymaras…
Note that I only had 9 cards remaining, when it works this deck draws like crazy
Hydrax drew me TFang pumped it to 16damage all in one turn


I thought of it when I saw hydrax but there is just not enough 1 health 1 mana battle pet in the game, so your deck is just a more inconsistent version of a regular dance of dream combo deck that you can see below:

For example your deck as no outs against the opponent just playing a provoke minion while the regular version can use silhouette tracer or ghost lynx to push it out of the way.


This just made me think harder how to make a Mandrake win con work in the regular version. Adding loremaster might just make it work, gonna try to come out with a deck later.

edit: found out that DoD does stack after all… replay was bugged


I would think a deck like this would work with Visionar, you could pull off a +4/4 with a build this efficient at drawing cards. It might not work just because meta, but it’s still worth a try.


Pretty cool making a Dance of Meme decks that is different from the norm and has effective swarm style as a back up plan.

If your interested in the traditional and consistent Dance deck that I updated to include new battle pets, check out the last deck on my post here:


Your deck seems cool too but it’s hard to tell which is the current version of your deck. Can you post a link to your current deck? :slight_smile: