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Damn Decimus! A brief study on the new card


Yo Duelysts! Saw Decimus and as a starhorn main I immediately thought I should make a burn/mill deck. I tried my hand at it for just a few matches but I put a pause on it because I figured I should break gold before I start experimenting.

That being said the deck I built wasn’t doing too well, I ran a replace core with a Decimus sub core (Decimus, blazehound, spelljammer) and out of 5 matches decimus was played 3 times and 2 out of 3 of those he was destroyed before he could do anything and the third the damage he did was negligible compared to the white widdows and krons I was running.

I’m running around today so I won’t be at my computer (that mobile build cannot come fast enough) so I was wondering if anyone has had a chance to test him properly with starhorn and/or found a way to really capitilize on his damage (aside from the obvious)


I think he is going to end up being similar to Grove Lion. You drop him later on in the game with a small combo (Artifact or Vaath BBS/Seeking eye or Blazehound) and get a little bit on instant value.(1 free trade from forcefield/some general damage)

If he sticks around for more turns and generates more value over time, then great. He is not going to become a win condition though. In certain matchups, you can play him defensively and try to squeeze more value out, but he will generally be dispelled or destroyed. If they are forced to use removal on him, he is already getting 1.5 or 2 cards worth of value as far as trading go.

Cool card really like the design. Before all the support Starhorn went from being a complete joke except Mech, and now is actually played somewhat frequently.

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