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Hi! I’m an old Duelyst player (since KS early access version), so I’ve seen the daily quests system appear and grow. And while I like the current system, I’d like to make some suggestions.

  1. Why limiting players to play 4 matches with a single Faction? You should choose what faction to play based on your wish to level it up or to test your new or changed build (or to grind victories with a super-deck - but what’s so bad about it?). So I suggest making the first mandatory quest - “Play 4 games”. For some it’ll mean playing with the same Faction, for others (more so casuals) - trying different Factions and decks. Faction loyalty is already rewarded with Faction XP, after all.

  2. Some second quests take much longer to complete. Killing 50 minions can be done in a single match vs Wrathling-oriented Abyssians, while dealing 150 damages to generals takes 6 wins (reducing enemy Generals from 25 to 0, some final attacks combinations and healing enemy Generals allow you to deal more damage per match, but that’s rare and doesn’t add much in the long run) with early concedings prolonging this quest even more. Play 8 games - a bit too boring. Either make it the first quest, or spice it up somehow.

  3. There were some interesting quests earlier. I remember the quest “Win a match with a deck of cards with cost 3 or less” - it was an interesting experiment for me. Maybe add some quest like that?


I think quests should be removed entirely and we should just get 100 gold per day.


But where’s the fun in this? People should really play (if even a little), not just “log in-get gold-buy orb-log out”. And this will happen too often, I’m afraid. Like when players were rewarded with 10 Gold for every 4 games - some players would just start a battle, then wait 2 turns to give up (option to concede appeared later). It was profitable for the winner, but quite boring.


He’s being sarcastic, best to get used to it now.

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  1. I do like increasing daily quest diversity, but I do think encouraging players to switch their factions is a good idea to increase play diversity and avoid people getting burned out or bored playing one faction.

  2. This all really depends, I find it evens out in the end. If you have actual concrete ideas I’d be interested in reading them. There was a thread on this subject recently where I shared some ideas.

  3. I’d like to see (more) things like that as well!


Not really. If we can choose what faction to play for quests and lower the amount it takes to complete quests in general, then for the people who play the game for a low amount of time every day anyway, it’s the same as quests being nonexistent in the first place. I personally certainly wouldn’t mind the removal of them if I can just get 100 or so gold per day. But would that be a smart business decision is a whole another question.

Also gimmicky quests are out of question without casual mode existing.


Pretty sure raqyee is just being snarky at you.

  1. Incentivising playing with different factions improves the matchups for all players. When the meta inevitably shifts to the faction with the most popular deck, there will always be other factions around just because of this quest. I think that’s pretty important for a healthy ladder.

  2. The second quest is meant to get players to play 6+ games consistently. If you can do in less games, good for you, no problem with that. Maybe you have some suggestions other than “spice it up somehow”. Personally I wouldn’t mind quests like “dispel 10 minions” or “heal your general by 25 HP” but other players might just feel like they’re being forced to play sub-optimally.

  3. Again, the problem with interesting quests is that the playerbase is likely not large enough to afford splitting it from ranked. You’d have to go against high performance ladder decks to finish your quest and that will likely lead to a loss. Imagine the complaints about that.

So yeah, some cool quests would be nice, but there are pretty compelling arguments why counterplay designed the quests as they are. I’m sure there are even more reasons that I have missed.

The quests are a very consistent way to earn gold. Compared to interesting situational quests like “Win a game with 5 or less health remaining”, which might cause salty players because it might take 1 or it might take 10 games to finish it.

It’s a difficult balance between fair and fun. Right now the quests are leaning a bit towards fair, and I don’t see a problem with that.


I agree that quest requirements shouldn’t go down and I didn’t see @saodhar or myself suggesting they should. His second point looks like it calls for consistency between the quests, not that the quest is always too slow. I don’t know how more options or diversity would harm CPG’s bottom line here or make daily quests obsolete, perhaps you can elaborate?

My Serpenti deck suggestion was there for comedic effect. For the others: they áre called Challenges, right? If you don’t want to do them pressing my hypothetical Forfeit button should do you fine.


@thematsjo, I actually like your ideas of deck-related quests (even the Serpenti one) - but I really don’t know how hard it is for the developers to trace such quests if they are implemented. I was hoping for some of the devs to stumble upon this topic and clarify this thing.

Still, I think my main problem is what @wantan mentioned - quests leaning towards fair instead of fun. I’d prefer fun over fair - but I understand that most players take this game more seriously. So not the quests themselves are the problem for me, but the lack of alternatives. Maybe it would be better to leave the current quests system (if it satisfies most players) and add deck- or playstyle-related quests (if possible) as challenges (current “Daily Challenge” should really be called “Daily Puzzle”). With smaller rewards, perhaps - for people who rather want to take a break from efficient games and try something new.
It worls like this In Pathfinder Adventures (mobile game based on the Pathfinder RPG), quests being the scenarios you have to complete and daily challenges - optional conditions (prevent 5 points of damage, for example) to earn additional rewards. Sometimes you have to perfrorm sub-optimally to do them, yes, but this is a challenge of itself, I think - perform sub-optimally and still win.


Also missing the point. One can enjoy the game in small amounts, be that because of time restrictions or simply because they prefer it that way. Fact that someone doesn’t want to spend lots of time on the game doesn’t mean it’s not worth their time. I love and play the game a fair amount, and even I sometimes feel like not playing 8 games a day.


Somehow my words were a bit twisted. I don’t find playing 8 games boring. Where were days I played 45-50 games. (reached the limit for 2-wins rewards, although there were even more losses). I find the quest that tells you to play 8 games …unnecessary? “Deal 150 damage to General” encourages attacking Generals with all your might, “Kill 50 minions” - to hunt down those little pests. “Play 8 games” - to… play? If it’s a passion - you don’t need additional encouragements.


my apologies well i see what u meant you want a bit more creative quests… well either way i dont mind the free gold… this game is the best game to me when it comes to free gold. overall the game is making stepping stones as they grow in popularity since they just added these new quests a month or two ago so i am sure they wlll look into adding more quests as time passes. great thread tho


Now you’re being sarcastic, am I right? :slight_smile:

Anyway, quests system constantly changes from early days - and it gains elements as well as loses them. Maybe new patch will bring some still unannounced changes to it too.


nah i wasn’t… well remember for every action there is a reaction they increase quest gold amount for us and changed ladder bonus gold so it goes hand in hand


I wouldn’t really bother with other factions if it weren’t for the daily quests, and I’m glad I have as some (such as Magmar) were surprisingly fun to play.

Side note: I saw a guy with 7 Vetruvian ribbons and only Vetruvian! Good grief.

I wouldn’t mind 5 less gold if the faction quest was lowered from 4 to 3 games, though. Four is just a bit dragging when I want to do other things with the limited time I put into Duelyst each night.

I’d like to see them lowering the 8 games quest to 6 games, and I’d like to see more variety in adventure quests such as:

  • Use your Bloodborn Spell 20 times

  • Kill 15 minions with your General

  • Message @Ryvirath 10 times

  • Eat 12 tacos

  • Play against 3 different factions

  • Play 4 matches as different factions

Stuff like that. I have other ideas, too, but they seem more niche than achievable (i.e. Stream your matches for 45 minutes; Watch a Stream for 30 minutes).

Variety. It’s kind of meh right now.



I like options 1, 2 and 6 from your list. Other are nice too, but 3 would be spamming, 4 will be unfair towards people in countries with few taco stands (I can think of only one in Kyiv), 5 leaves too much to random - I sometime play four matches in a row against the same faction, for example. But those three are exacly twhat I meant - encouraging different playstyles.


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