Daily Challenge Solutions


Hi guys,

If you’ve ever had a problem with daily challenges or were curious to see how others solve them, please check out my youtube channel :

I have every solution to every daily challenge since the first one came out, and I post the solution to the newest challenge literally minutes after it’s up :slight_smile: . Hope this helps !

I have a lot more in plans for the channel including high quality digital fan art ( I have a professional artist in the house :slight_smile: ) , and I’m about to do a subscriber special, so please take a look and know that you’re welcome to tag along :slight_smile:


Sounds good, I will have to check it out when I am stuck on one.


Nice initiative!
I’ll share the word but won’t check it - I like to solve them with my own willpower and ability to flip tables.


Thanks for the support guys ! :slight_smile:


they are fun especially when they involve not so relevant cards like Hank Heart and sand burrower. its a nice warm up before laddering for me. ill definitely check out the channel


Dude, Hank is bae in ranged decks. I love him :<


Wohoo ! and I got 10 wins in a row :smiley:

also still posting the daily solutions ^^ even though at some point I posted from the beach and another time from an airport - I still didn’t miss any since they started :smiley: