Daily Challenge repeat?


Hi everyone,

Is tonight’s Daily Challenge a repeat, or are they different for everyone and I’ve finally played them all?



It is in fact a repeat; a repeat of the only one I can’t do :cry:


There have been a few repeats probably due to limited time because of the expansion coming up. This one I didn’t remember it, but managed to figure it out in the end. Probably took 15 mins longer then I should have done.


care to share? how to get that last one damage?

edit: got it


It’s pretty easy, actually. As a Songhai player I’m used to just ignoring the board so my solution is more simple than other ways it can be done:

  1. Blink the Wind Runner back two spaces. Move it diagonally down left so it buffs the Kaido and nothing else.
  2. Kill Hailstone Golem with the Wind Runner and Kaido
  3. Shoot enemy general with both Fire Spitters, Inner Focus one, play Alcuin, Inner Focus the other. Apply Saberspine Seal on either and shoot the enemy general with both Fire Spitters again.
  4. Phoenix Fire for ez lethal :sunglasses:


cool, thanx…but I finally got it on my own…in a completely different way :wink:


Good, saves me typing it all out in a PM now :smiley: goes to delete the half completed PM


I appreciate the effort and thought! :grin:


Okay, thanks all. I thought I was having deja vu.



Holy crap. I would have never done it that way. This is from memory so it is probably partially wrong.

Attack Hailstone Golem with Kaleos
Blink Kaido behind hailstone and backstab-kills H Golem
Play Alcuin next to enemy general
Phoenix Fire Bloodshard Golem-Kill B Golem
Move windrunner down to buff everything
Kill both Golem ProvokerMakers with Firespitters
Inner Focus Alcuin and attack General
Attack General with Boar
Blink Hamon, Saberspine Seal it, then kill general.

After typing it out I realized that my way was actually less direct. I do like playing control so I think I put much more emphasis on clearing the board.


My way was slightly different, but pretty much achieves the same thing your way does by killing the majority of the enemy minions in the process.


Mine was different as well:

  1. Mana Vortex, General + Kaido + Phoenix Fire > Hailstone Golem

  2. Fire Spitter > Bloodshard Golem

  3. Inner Focus > Fire Spitter

  4. Move Wind Runner behind Bladeseeker

  5. Each Fire Spitter > each Vanquisher (clears Provoke)

  6. Tusk Boar > General

  7. Sabrespine Seal, Alcuin, Sabrespine Seal > Bladeseeker

  8. Mana Vortex, BBS > Bladeseeker above Diamond Golem

  9. Bladeseeker > General



mana vortexes were completely unnecessary this challenge. way to rub it in CP, i was running out of delicious tears from spellhai players


Wow can’t believe how many ways there are to solve this. CP, I’m dumbfounded many days by these puzzles!

There should be an archive of puzzles somehow…


You don’t need to use windrunner because it will buff +2 damage for one move. and all your spell deals 3 damage. And you don’t need to play mana vortex if you alcuin on inner focus.

So the easiest way is to:

  1. BBS Hamon bladeseeker into hailstone golem and trade

  2. Fire spitter to face + inner focus + Fire spiter to face

  3. Alcuin loremaster + inner focus + Fire spiter to face

  4. saberspine seal last Fire spitter and to face

  5. phoenix phire to face

sMorC never trade


You could also

Hailstone Golem -> general + kaido + (Vortex) phoenix
Alcuin to get another phoenix
spitter on face + IF
BBS to move runner two spaces down and move 1 left to boost
+3 atk on spitter and everything face

So many possible solutions. Is that the case for most challenges ?


Ah finally someone who did it the way I did it too :slight_smile:

@BlankTrack kaido backstab plus Kaleos is only 5 damage right? So cannot kill the hailstone…


Oh I messed up my ordering. You bring wind runner down before attacking with the Kaido


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