Daily Challenge Mess-Up?


I don’t know if anyone else experienced this, but during today’s daily challenge the Pax minions summoned Wind Slicers instead of Iron Dervishes. Definitely a glitch right? I don’t really know how this ended up happening…


happened to me too. i just reported it as a bug



Yeah…lol. I did a double-take as well. I’m all in favor of this change. :wink: Can we keep it, mommy? I promise I’ll take good care of it.


Took me by surprise too. It doesn’t change the outcome of the puzzle but it will still be confusing for players who didn’t use pax yet. Imagine all the threads we’re about to see: “Why does my pax spawns 2/2s when they kill and no 2/3s ???” So yeah, got to patch it before the damage is done.