Daily Challenge Constructor


Instead of making challenges itself, let the community do it, or combine it. There is a system in which players can rate the challenges in complexity or funny. The best authors will be possible to rewarded with keys. Why do I say this? I just noticed that the challenges began to repeat, and their pass was not interesting. In some time I went to the game only to see an interesting puzzle. I have completed all training tasks even in early builds of the game and was pleasantly surprised by the everyday trials. Create a constructor for these puzzles will be the apex of all the dreams of many players, I think.


It’s a cool idea, if I recall correctly some users already prepare puzzles to solve in the forums. Not a priority, but a nice suggestion


This great idea but it is probably something for the down road and not any time soon.But creating puzzles and having a voting system where you can vote up the best ones and they(CPG) put best ones together as set to showcase is good idea


This is a phenomenal idea. With a feature like that, there could even be a dedicated page (similar to the Watch page) for people to share their recent puzzles and possibly ‘upvote’ creative or difficult ones.


I prefer more realistic OTKs than the blatantly obvious ones we get from time to time that couldn’t be possible.

That being said, why not instead just build an algorithm that scrapes hundreds and thousands of games played and programmatically pull complex OTKs from them?

If not a daily challenge, at least a new game mode that allows for that as a sort of “OTK training” for Bronze+ players.




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