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D3c Boss Battle feedback thread

2/1 who’s unkillable unless the on board minions are killed first. Then transforms into a 5/16 boss after death of 2/1

D3c’s been one of my favorite bosses to fight so far. on my first run I was like “heh, boss so easy. Just pandemonium + phoenix fire FTW” and just as I was celebrating my victory I noticed the exploding animation and lo and behold, I was WTFing at the 5/16 with forcefield, celerity, flying, etc that came out.

It was super satisfying to kill the mechaz0r killer with Mechaz0r though :kissing_heart:

What about you guys?


Spoilers, friend. Lol


Very easy. Mechazor showed him who’s boss xD

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I actually liked this boss a lot

I used blood of air to kill a the forcefield guy and it was easy from there, I thought.

I saw it explode and the real boss came out

I had a huge swarm of skyrock golems so i got him right after he transformed

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well the thread is called the D3c Boss Battle feedback thread. Spoilers should be a given

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Beaten on first try with usual Undying Abyss as all other previous bosses.
I must confess the Unseven mechanic is too tricky for simple AIs :stuck_out_tongue:

Warning: Spoilers

Good design, enjoyed the feel and theme for the 1st half. Upon discovering the 2nd half, I felt more disappointed with myself than enjoyment on it, as I should have expected a 2nd form. The aesthetic was great and the selected boss unit(s) were good.

AI continues to need further improvement. The 1st game had 1 (boss’s) unit go into the corner, which was a good touch and reflects what human players would do. However, my minions weren’t pressured or attacked for the 1st 2 rounds, despite being in range (Jaxi’s).

2nd game had 2 boss units go onto their back wall. This was unexpected and makes less sense to me. Only 1 is needed.[/spoiler]

Thanks for taking the time to get this up. Apologies that I let it slip by! Glad that your all mostly enjoying the boss as well :smiley:


Going off of the previous comments, I believe this was a fair difficulty set for the boss, wasn’t too difficult that a beginner couldn’t achieve a victory, but also required a strategy before going in a match against D3C. For anyone having any trouble against the boss I uploaded a video (check below) showing how easy it is to beat him, (this was my first try) using cassyva creep. The idea is quite simple, swarm the boss so that his ions are basically useless, in fact using ooz can be advantageous to get some extra creep on the board. I’ll post my deckbuild as well, hope this helps anyone!

Deckbuild: i.imgur.com/lIPC6wf.png


Extremely pleased with the theme, make people really want to use mechazor deck to defeat this particular boss. One question tho, I was seeing some post for the past few days and was expecting an EMP-like minion. Did I miss something ?

Had a smile on my face playing the boss and beat it on my third go with Abys. Just want to know whether dispels are not supposed to work on the parts of D3C?

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Won first time with Vaath.
Egg morphed the forcefield guy and then plasma stormed. Keep forgetting the boss has provoke.

Then came 2nd form. Boss flew to my Vaath’s back and… didn’t attack :unamused:. He could backstab easily and I should have lost in 2 turns. Most likely the boss was too scared of a high attack Vaath. Eventually drew Makantor to smash the forcefield away and smashed.

I’ve confirmed that dispel does NOT get rid of the arms leg, etc status.

Thematically one of my favorite bosses, though not the hardest. Skyrock swarm did wonders!

Looking forward to more wacky and unique bosses in the future.

He was really fun, and the best thing of all is that he has a PADDO!


Next bosses should have something surprising like D3C. I mean, who did expect the cute guy to transform into some scary dinosaur when killed? Unexpected surprises make boss battle much more interesting. Maybe… make the bosses a little bit scarier. Defeating a seemingly invincible boss will feel much more satisfying for the players.

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This was soooooo satisfying :relieved: (2nd attempt by the way)

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I just wished the boss actually made use of the backstab feature, I gave the boss a backstab target, and instead of backstabbing, it frontstabbed a different minion instead.

Fun fact:
If you kill D3c while he is completely surrounded you will win automatically because his second form won’t spawn.


Did you found that on first attempt? That kinda kills out one of the challenge of the boss (though it’s considered a challenge to surround him, but easily achievable with swarm-based deck).