Custom Card: Spice Merchant! [With OC Pixel Art]



All Spices are 1 Mana.

Firebloom Spice:
Deal 3 Damage to an enemy AND your General.

Moonpetal Spice:
Restore 2 Health to any unit.

Bearfang Spice:
Give your General +2 Attack this turn.

Ichorus Spice:
Deal 1 Damage to ALL units.

Art took around 5-6 hours to make, massive shoutout to Esendi for helping with feedback and improvement of my sprite.

Comments? Concerns? Compliments? Voice them all below!



I feel like this guy may have been your inspiration. Very cool card concept tho, I like it!


Looks like a nice Eight Gates support card, cool design! Sprite too!


I feel that only Zi’ran or songhai/arcanyst decks would use it for the spells themselves, but other decks would see it as a 3 drop that replaces itself and it would compete with Sojo and potentially see more use than her :thinking:. Does not look OP tho, only stronger than average


Neat design, but it seems to be missing something. Perhaps:

Salt Merchant
3 mana 2/4
Add the random salt that you do not need to your hand


0 Mana Neutral Spell
Your opponent topdecks all their answers, including lethal.


Absolute perfection.


The spice must flow.


sry I can’t got reported. Ppl don’t understand what art is


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