Custom Card: Owlite Fencer! [OC Pixel Art]


Mechanic wise, this thing works on BOTH players’ turns, so have fun with that.

Actual sprite took around 4 hours, getting it to work on Bagoum’s Card Creator was another hour.


Aww u thought of me


seems like a super annoying card, i’m all for it as long as it’s not vanar’s XD


Actually I based it off this.



Should be Owlbeast Fencer, and really could be an Arcanyst :smile:. We need more Arcanysts.


This card doesn’t synergise well with arcanyst though. Owl has yellow eyes btw.


Arcanyst decks have lots of spells, and BBSs count too. I just want to see more arcanyst minions :frowning:.


Yeah that’s the point it’s an anti spell card played in an arcanyst deck which is a spell base deck.


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