Crystal Wisp, suggestion for rework


Before I start writing about how to change Crystal Wisp, I should explain why the change would even be necesary. Right now, Wisp sees play every now and then but is generally considered a Meme card and avoided at top ranks. The thing is, if you are planing to ramp mana, they you preferably want to do it as soon as possible (turn 1) and to increase your chances of drawing it sooner rather than later it’s best to play it as a 3 off. But sometimes you don’t draw it turn 1 (rougly 2/3 of games) and the later you do end up drawing it, the less value it will give (jumping from 2 to 4 mana is crazy, jumping from 6 to 8 not so much). Reducing the number to 2 off is not a real option either, as you decrease your chances even further of drawing it earlier.

A card has decreasing value over the course of the game, so what? Well the thing is that this is Vanars only ramping tool, and honestly, as it is now it sucks (for competitive play). I would like to compare it to a few, sort of similar cards to further illustrate why ramp Vanar will never be a thing with the current version of Wisp.

Jaxi- Dying wish, 2 mana 1/1. In terms of similarity Jaxi is the best fit, he is also neutral, so theres no need to worry about fitting him within the context of faction. Jaxi and Wisp are played the same way, when they are summoned, your opponent avoids killing them and positionig in such a way that you could kill them on your turn. The difference is that Jaxi drops a minion which can further be interacted with, creating interesting scenarios in which opponent refuses to kill Jaxi untill he finds his Bloodtear or Skorn, while killing Wisp generates a permanent advantage that can’t be influenced at any later point in the game. Another major difference is that Jaxi remains relatively usefull throughout the game, whether it’s for token generation or to create a ranged buffable threat, while past 6 mana Wisp becomes close to useless and potential dead draw. Overall, despite Jaxis rng nature, you are more likely to benefit from him than from Wisp.

Snowchaser- 1 mana, 2/1, dying wish. The card is comlarible because of similar stats, being a Vanar card and haveing a dying wish. In terms of mana to stats Snowchaser is the obvious winner, but since his effect only works on less then half of the board, we can consider their overall worth around equal. However, considering that Snowchaser can produce value throughout the game, can act as cycle with Cryogenesis, has Vespyr synergy, can get replaced when you don’t need it and provides interesting counterplays in form of relocation, silence or baiting where his effect doesnt count, Snowchaser becomes a vastly better pick than Wisp, both in competitive and memey decks.

Sun Wisp- the similarity is in that they are both Wisps, but because they come from different factions and therofore contexts, the comparison is loose. Anyway to keep it short, Sun Wisp is superior because he provides immediete value, is never a dead draw and overall acts as support card for many decks.

Don’t get me wrong, Im not saying that Crystal Wisp is useless because there are better cards out there, Im saying he needs a rework because right now the card is not very usefull, nor does it really give much to Vanars overall identitiy. You can’t create an archetype on such unreliable card and considering that Vanar is mainly a control faction, ramp would be a valid strategy, provided good support cards.

What I think would be a good solution is this:
2 (or even 3) mana 1/1 with effect “You have 1 more maximum mana, dying wish: both players draw a card”. Before you say im crazy hear me out. This change would solve a few problems that I mentioned before. A) he would still be usefull later in the game, the value would still be decreasing but the minimum value wouldn’t be 0 but rather whatever the value of draw a card is. B) it would provide immediate value, and instead of creating a scenario in which your opponent doesnt want to kill him, he is actually encouraged to do so, to gain a card and deny you value. Little did he known that drawing that card would allow you to use Hailstone prison to clear his board. C) It would support the control archytpye as well as allow ramp to be more consistent. D) He would contribute to Vanars identity the way Snowchaser does, and would overall become a competitive choice for Vanar decks.

Anyways, this is mostly just a rant, sharing my thoughts as they come, however I do honestly think that overall this rework would be for the better. Im curious to hear what you think about it, love it, hate it or something inbetween.


You made thread for a problem that doesn’t exist.How good is Crystal wisp? It is use to be a neutral and people abused it to point where it was put in one faction.

It isn’t a meme card or underpowered, it is 3 cards in a deck of 40.The card is absolutely pointless late but good but slow early.Vanar need another ramp card probably a 3 drop.Wisp is fine tho


Im just suggesting a change of underplayed card into something that could serve as a support for a whole new archetype, not creating a problem. There will never be a problem with underplayed or underpowered card because no one cares. This rework could potentially make an underplayed card a basis for new archetype.


It doesn’t need a rework,You can’t play a ramp Vanar consistently because wisp is one card.All that is needed another ramp card. Magmar has 2 cards Kujuta and flash reincarnation,Abyss has 3 cards Dark fire sacrifice, Lurking fear and Arcane Devour( 4 cards if you count unseven).

Literally nothing needs to change they can just add another ramp card to compliment wisp.


Look at starhorn threads and threads about how his bbs sucked now a few support cards later he top of the heap.


I think Crystal wisp is not that good. Would be much better for it to increase our maximum amount of mana.

Abt Starhorn, I hate to see him in super rush and fast decks now. He used to do just fine in control playstyle.


Crystal wisp is at best alright at the moment. In games when you can get an early crystal wisp (and get it killed guaranteed by shadow creep or a battle pet), it lets you ramp up to really good tempo cards like dancing blades as early as turn 2. The primary downside of this, I find is that with your extra mana and loss of a card, you really need to get your cards back almost immediately or you’ll be playing with 2-3 cards for the next several turns. It’s also pretty much a guaranteed to get a 4 drop as player 1, you either get a mana tile, or the wisp dies and you get 4 mana anyway.

I don’t think it really needs a rework. Right now, despite it being dead weight late game, getting out an early dancing blades or 7 drop like meltdown or pandora can be game-ending.


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