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Cryonic Potential to S*


Get big minions and hit people in the face! Cryonic potential gives a huge amount of stats and can easily get out of control if you highroll.

BTA, Sister, Well, Potential, Luminous, Forger, and Reinforcement are absolutely core for the deck. They give excellent utility and power to combine with each other. BTA is the best 1 drop available to Vanar, allowing you excellent board control to kill minions/eggs/seekers, and makes an excellent target for potential. Forger is a vital 2 drop that helps ramp your many spells and lets you cast potential on it with 4 mana. Sister is just excellent in general with plenty of utility, while the best wall spells are used to carry buffs.
Mentor and Sojourner are fat 3 cost bodies that help serve as card draw, while Circulus and Crypto are other potentially useful 2 drops. Wyrm helps supplement sister to provide reach. Heralds could potentially be used to help stave off burn.

VS Wandururrrr

VS Mechhai

VS Titan

VS Wizard?/Attrition Brome

I actually only played 3 games with it in S, but itsss 3-0 Now go and highroll some faces in.



Dunno if this requires a 1000000000 IQ to pilot and I don’t even show up in the forums except to update my avatar, but know this, playing Van and using Cryonic gives you insane style points.

Good list!



As a precaution; Cryo Pot only works on exhausted minions meaning that your minionhas to either be a fresh summon or move AND attack for it to be eligible for the buff. If yourminion just moves, even if it’s greyed out, you won’t be able to cast cryo pot on it.

I’m am also major disappointed at your lack of best boo swampy boi (;,;)



But you have nothing to do if you don’t draw potential? What’s your backup plan?



to S might be a liiittle bit false advertisement :smile:



Tell you what, this seems quite of a far reach.
Cryo pot. Is not a card you can base your deck on mainly for the face that if the minions is not a provoke minion (or infiltrated chased) you will lose that minion.

Basing your movement on sister alone is quite the reach also (in vespyr you’ll get horsy also).

Don’t get me wrong cryo wins games in reliq/vespyr decks but relying on it without any back up does not assure you a win.

I think the whole shell is a vespyr shell.

If you want it to work so bad so Locke is always a good bet (thank me later).
Mirkblood also.
Aspect of the mountain for more control.
Also I will suggest using vespyr as before, with reliq or only reliq.



I admit the deck is quite bad without drawing potential and folds over to hard removal/dispel but trying to change it to fit some other shell dilutes the deck. Some luck and smart play goes a long way.

On another note I’m trying new minions. Specifically Jaxi as another target since you can suicide it and get an instant unactivated ranged target and dragonlark as maybe the best 1 mana potential target.

Playing things like reliq and mountains is just absurdly slow and isn’t worth it.



One of the last decks DeathsAdvocate played on ladder was a Cryonic Potential build, which he wrote up on Duelspot. His list is more controlling, with Faie as the general, a higher curve, and a lot more removal (including, in particular, a playset of Aspect of the Mountains). Your list, on the other hand, is much more explosive but also more vulnerable to removal/bad draws. Obviously both versions can be successful, so I think it comes down to a playstyle preference more than anything else.



Lol wat?

I breezed into s with cryonic on a budget. Vespyrs could work, but token generators like jaxi, walls, grimes, and dioltas are more consistent. Snow chaser also works on its own. Fenrir warmaster was a surprise as well.

As for my deck: Alt wincons came in the form of basilisk (ruins songhai and most ragnora) and grimes.





Looks pretty solid. Perhaps you can try Mentor for alternative win-con?



Im curious about L’Kian pick; care to ellaborate?



L’Kian sucks in Vanar because it can only pull Vanar cards and Vanar cards are trash, right?

L’Kian is a solid pick in Vanar where draw options are limited.



Im thinking more that Jammer has more stats and draws cards you actually more likely want to see- but the answer might be that its an ultrabudget list?

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New List

Mentor kind of sucks since this isn’t arcs and we don’t need 1 mana spells. Jaxi has been great so far, excellent target and is a 2 drop. Basilysk and Avenger are being tested atm. Being independent threats without much further investment as well as targets for reinforcement should be nice. Keywords are very important for buffs and avenger could run to the other side in certain situations and carry wailing buffs.



Good call on Jaxi+basilisk. Have you considered razorback? A bit win more, but it ruins fools if you can cryonic on that same turn. Wild tahr could be a cheeky choice as well

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budget draw option. soj was too conditional for my play style.



I don’t think there are enough minions for razorback to work. Mainly useful to activate unbuffed luminous but skorn has more utility and does that as well.







To me it looks more like an aggro Faie deck which also happens to use the card in question (as opposed to building a deck around said card).

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Delicious double reinforce