Cross platform question


Hi, I’m new to the game but so far it’s looking great. Playing on pc, but it leads me to ask what will be happening once a ps4 or an Android version eventually arrives. I’m hoping that my account will be transferable into those platforms but does anyone know if that’s the case?


You login through the game’s launcher, so you’ll just be able to log in from your ps4 or android device. Steam doesn’t show it so you can’t change accounts (steam wants it to feel like "this is your account, your one account, because your account matters), but it does the same thing.


Ah, that’s good. I’ve spent some real money and wouldn’t want to manage two accounts or two or three card collections in the future.


Any Console/Mobile release date ?
Q1 2017 ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Couldn’t find anything relevant :confused: