Cross faction combos


Hey guys, I remembered the thing that the devs were talking about with the cross faction mode. I was thinking we could make a thread to look for anything that would be really good and possibly game breaking so that the devs could prevent that before it happens.

Flash reincarnation/ kujata + Pax
Incinera + Fractal replication + Cyclone mask

You get the idea


slo+ holy immo !!!
wait it’s not crossfaction


The Kujata / Snowchaser / Shadowdancer combo will finally be more than just a legend…


But the whole point of the mode is to try to make the most game breaking deck…?


Twin Fang + Kujata + Snowchaser + Snowchaser + Snowchaser + …
Ironcliff + Inner Focus + Divine Bond


wiat can you cross like 3 and more faction? I believed it was just 2 .


We don’t know for sure


This was one of the images in the notes.

It seems you can pick from all factions.


Spectral Revenant + Diretide Frenzy is the best I could think of.

Some lesser combos:
Sunriser + Kelaino
Generic high health low attack minion + Inner Focus + Divine Bond
Aerial Rift + blast/ ranged minions or ranged value generators (Kelaino, Deathdancer .etc)
Grow minions put in corner + Magnetize


Wind stopper? He fits. 2 attack 7 health and hes cheap


I need this…


rancour + jux/mist dragon seal

( lovely lyonar minion +) inner focus + divine bond


Bloodmoon Priestess + Furosa + War Surge


To help have the combo you need lot of draw:
Infinite draw here : kujata + dance of dreams + snowchaser


Celestial dragon + cosmic flesh make for a great minion clear
Sandhowler + (Lyonar card that gives forcefield) would be nice.
Dawns eye + artifact vet (sajj) would be great for keeping dat sweet combo.
Aymarahealer + divine bond is just scary


Do you mean celestial phantom?


Snowchaser returns to hand when played, since it dies instantly. Play it 25 times for instant lethal, no draw needed


Azurite Lion + Mist Dragon Seal + Obscuring Blows + Inner Focus = 20 damage for 4 mana.

This isn’t news to those who’ve seen the deck I want to make though :wink:


yes but you need shadowdancer. Imagine you only have kujata and snowchaser and you have no hand. You can refill your hand by playing dance of dreams and snowchaser for 1 mana. So you can eaily top deck shadowdancer and instant lethal


That’s a 4 card combo you dreamer! Only one out of factioncard needed tho, and it’s nearly instant lethal and leaves a body on the board, infinite range, could work with Jux as well… I think you’ll need Tracers and double replace to stall out that long, but against basic decks? This can happen