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Critique my budget reva spellhai deck


trying to practice with her while im still in silver rank

anything you guys would change? i have like 600 spirit to spare at the moment.


First off. 4 winds. Absolutely vital. You need 3 in Spellhai. Id go up to 3 inner focus and mana vortex. Those are preliminary changes. I’ll let someone else cover the details.


awesome… i took out my repulsor beast and juxtaposition… put in 3 fourwinds instead…

runs really good now… feels like the cheapest easiest win, and i have and play regularly the other 5 faction generals.


Take out mirror meld, add another mana vortex


I’m no songhai expert but I feel 3 dragon seals is to much. Also, 3 mana vortex and 3 bloodrage masks are staple