Crispy Wispy Faie. Crystal Wisp Faie from Gold to S


I normally post my decks on Reddit, Figured someone might want to see it here too

I really had fun playing this deck, It played to how I like to play Duelyst, and I honestly feel like it’s one of the best Vanar decks to play in this current meta. The goal of this deck is to get Wisp out early; Play your Dioltas, control the board with minions and spells, reach the sweet spot of 8 Mana Meltdown, and Win.

Link to the deck:

Card choices: I added Red Synja because I wanted a big threat to slow down aggro decks, Holy Immolation, and Kill off minions play defensively (Kelaino).

Zen’Rui: I feel if you’re playing Crystal wisp you can fit at least 1 Zen’rui in the deck. It’s saved my butt plenty of times.

Void Hunter: I wanted a minion instead of the spell Frigid Corona, it’s a nice dispel bait as well.

Match ups: Strong against Cassyva, Argeon, Songhai, & Mirror Match

Weak against: Aggro, BurnHorn

50/50: Lilithe - I’ve played against a ton of Lilithe and the match felt like a toss up, If Variex comes out the deck has tools to deal with the it. If you don’t draw into them you lose.

The other problem with the deck it lacks 2 drop minions, and your starting hand can be your worst enemy. Feel free to try it out, it’s still early in the seaon, ask questions, tell me it’s crap.


Have you heard of bagoum it’s a cheap, thrilling, and dare I say BEST way to show off ur decks with direct links to image sites and know I’m not getting paid for this that you know of.


Yeah I have, but Imgur works too :grinning:


Have you tried Spelljammer over Void Hunter? I think the stat distribution is way better, and you are guaranteed a card rather than waiting for the deathwish to proc.

It does cost more, but you don’t have that many cards in the 4 slot already so I don’t think it would be too detrimental to your curve.

Looks super fun and unique to play but is having so few spells make it hard to comeback once you get behind?


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