Crisalyst burst rework


We all know that crisalyst burst is a bad designed card right now due to the insane rng involved . My suggestion is to make It do this “Choose a friendly minion with rebirth. Spawn three eggs of that minion around It”.
In that way no more rng and it Will still be a pretty viable card imho. What do you think?


Sounds very interesting but it might be too similar to fractal replication. Maybe give it an ability to target enemy minions?(disregard the balance, it just about the flavour)


Yes its similar to fractal replication but specific for rebirth mecanincs. The problem with cb rework is that you dont want to turn It in a removal, It needs to spawn eggs but no rng.


Oh, looks like someone watched Scarzig’s video.


I am just really scared of an ability to get even more drogons in a turn. But i guess its drogons design problem as drogon limits an array of strong copy cards.

I am thinking about summon an egg for each siithar(veteran,elder and young) version of this card.


Drogon dont have rebirth so It wouldnt bè targetable.


Bad type of argument not to mention untrue not to mention what it tried to say is also untrue.


CBurst is a badly designed card. Here’s why:

With that said, it is also a bad card in terms of viability. I just don’t know what to think about the card :confused:


The randomness is what makes it fair. It’s a card ideally to be played early when your opponent can’t answer it cleanly or later on to by time or exhaust their card hand. The way you guys complain I would have it so your enemy can’t see what you’re getting thus they have to remove all of them.


The problem is that its a 4 mana card that requires an immediate counter or you loose. Its the only 4 mana card that its so strong (potentialy of course). Thats why i think It should be reworked.


In his defense the spelling/pronunciation of that word are complete nonsense


well if you have your general on board and your minion then you can already destroy two most important eggs if you are close enough, the eggs spawning kajuta and young slither wont make you lose, its also a big risk for the magmar player


Or you can just skorn, and watch them cry


This card is not really trash, it has to work with Morin Khur :slight_smile: or Wild Inceptor, to hatch the strongest egg… It would be stronger if Magmar has more tool to hatch eggs


The issue isn’t the strength of the card, it’s the randomness.
There’s 2 random axii to consider:
The random places from good places to bad places.
The random spawns from good to bad minions.
With various permutations of these multiplied by 4.

This creates a very random card that can sometimes instantly win you the game if not countered and sometimes fizzle out and just cost you 4 mana for very little gain. This is only going to get worse the more minions Magmar receives.

Most people dislike this randomness and want a place for this card outside of joke-decks. They’re trying to think of ways to make this card still adhere to its flavour and purpose while being more consistant and useable.


Mindwarper - use it on bloodfire totems :smiling_imp:


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