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Crescent Spear Nerf


I agree Spear should be nerf they are no good answers in the game.Right?

Why should I have to be forced to play cards that are made to counter the exact problem. I should be able to play deck I want to play and the game should be forced to change to suit my needs.

On a serious note Spear is a strong card enables one of the most annoying decks in the game there might be a point in game when they add more stuff and it becomes way too strong but current moment it is dangerous because to tech your deck to counter means lose to more consistent stuff. It is category of Old mech decks and Hyperswarm. If the deck becomes too popular people will tech for it and it use will go down.


Been there, done that


And if you’re unlucky on your ping/card draw, a big kick in the nuts, from General to General is still efficient :wink:
(also Droplift, nobody plays it, but I :heart: Droplift)


I forgot about droplift. Got to add that

Anyways I main the faction that probably has the most trouble with artifacts and to effectively counter artifact I have change my decks in extreme manner. So if the card was to be nerfed to oblivion I would be perfectly fine . But my faction difficulty with something shouldn’t be sole reason to change something. The question to ask is can you reasonable counter it and how effective is the deck overall with it. The answer to those question leads me to believe that card is while strong isn’t too strong for the meta.


Are you kidding me. Did you see what the songhai faction got from mythron? Straight garbage
Pandatentiary Garbage
Coalfist Garbage
Massacre Artist garbage
phoenix barrage garbage
Kensho vortex garbage
Hideatsu straight garbage
And if they nerf crescent spear, songhai won’t be able to compete against the other factions that hugely benefit from the new expansion.

It’s so easy pinging the enemy general 3 times. Don’t even need to make a thread about this.


Both Barrage and Coalfist have their uses, but definitely none of them is crazy powerful.

The funny part is that Barrage really shines with Crescent Spear.


Reva artifact decks are cancer… If you don’t draw an answer in the first 3 turns you lose. Id take my chances against wanderer deck any day !

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