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Crescent Spear Nerf


Way too over powered… The deck needs nerfed… You can maintain board long enough to build up to Mantra and could OTK the general. Most over powered deck ive seen in this game to date.


Mantra is overpowered? :thinking:


Not again ben has been reincarnated.
Also, as a frequent mantra player spear isnt even that strong at all. Its not a spell, so it doesnt help trigger mantra. It needs more spells to be cast to get value, so if you really want to make an impact with it you need to blow your load, which you should save for mantra.


You haven’t seen nothing kid.

This deck isn’t over powered, only bad match-ups.


I am sure the ones who are defending this are abusing it. I am also sure it will be nerfed soon as it should be. Very very imbalanced!


I was actually shocked to see another thread like this so soon, I was like this is gonna be a meme isn’t it, but no, it happened again.

I don’t think I commented in the previous one, but I’ll say one thing as someone who only plays hai and has played almost all archetypes within it including spellhai and that is that if you really think the card needs a nerf, you probably play Magmar because almost every other faction can deal with artifact/spell based decks except for Magmar unless you slot a lot of neutrals in.

As epicflygon said, there just bad match-ups.


or he plays wanderer


Spear is absurdly op


coats please dont kappa


What…why out of all the busted cards in the game are random people targeting crescent spear. It barely even qualifies as strong. I think a lot of new players come against mantra for the first time, are otked and I think crescent spear is to blame when really they just don’t know the matchup. There are a lot more scary cards, crescent spear does not need 2 nerf threads


Oh come on, didn’t have this discussion about a or two week ago?


Its not op but very uninteractive…yet what metadeck is interactive these days?
Decispikes burns through you from his hand unless you kill him fast enough
Fault vet can,t be competed with on board 6mana+
Hydrax underlord can rush out the lord in a few turns with lucky draw without you beeing able to do much
Burn hai burns you from their hand
The list goes on.Interactivity kinda died here


Who would of thought Crescent Spear would get two nerf threads in a row? If any card was going to get such a treatment I would expect it to be Wanderer.

On topic, Crescent Spear is a good card but not OPed in any way and certainly doesn’t warrant a nerf.


If ya`ll having trouble with spears, tech in some Rust Crawlers FFS


i don’t lol. Everyone is providing constructive reasoning and saying it shouldn’t be nerfed, the players who play this deck are also the ones you should be listening to.

Imagine that we lived in a world that even though I abysed the Wanderee bug I’m not allowed to say “Yeah, this should be addressed immediately.”


Tell me a single reason it is imbalanced.


Where is my Portal Guardian please nerf thread? 8 hp? Are you having a laugh?




Seriously ? Again ?

What’s next ?
Faie’s BBS, Chromatic Cold, Shadowdancer ?

For Serpenti's Sake, Nerf Faie Already!