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Crescent Spear needs a nerf


With the reintroduction of this card, there are a lot of Spellhai decks now floating about in ranked and so far, all of the ones I fought that were able to draw 1 or more Crescent Spears early on basically couldn’t be touched and easily won the game. This card is rediculously OP and honestly should not exist in a faction that already is able to secure wins just by hiding their general in a corner and comboing you with spells.

It needs either nerfing or just straight up taking out of the game. It’s bullshit and there’s very little you can do against it.

For instance: Crescent Spear + Ghost Lightning is 2 damage to your entire board, for just 2 mana. All of Songhai’s already strong AoE spells become rediculous with 1 or 2 Spears equipped. If they equip 1 or 2 on the first turn, you may as well just concede because they’ve already won.

These replays show exactly what I’m talking about:

Crescent Spear Nerf

Cresent Spear is fair, even 8g8s are fair, they just aren’t fun decks to play against.


Nah, it’s not fair at all. What is basically a permanent buff to all of your damage spells for the rest of the game for 1 mana isn’t fair. If it’s played turn 1 it’s gg in most cases as all of your shit is getting AoE’d until they get their OTK combo up. The only way to counter this is have a lot of pings or run artifact removal, possibly both since these Spellhai decks can kill you so fast.

Eight Gates I can live with as that only lasts a single turn.


If you’re having trouble with Mantra, tech 8g8s ir just beat them down hard enough, it really ain’t that hard.


What do you mean tech Eight Gates? I don’t play Songhai myself. Beating them down isn’t possible if they are killing all of your minions every turn.


I fucked up, I ment Magesworn, 8g8s was on my mind.


Isn’t that a legendary card? I don’t have it.


Yes it is, if you have trouble I reccomend crafting 2.

It is greatly possible as for them to remove all your units in 1 turn you have to be playing a deck that sets up a shit board every turn or they are drawing the nuts.


So I’m basically expected to have to craft 2 legendaries that I would never use outside of this situation just to counter a deck, all because it has one bullshit card. Cool.


Or you could just adapt, that also works.


You can also tech Aer Pridebeak, He isn’t as good as Magesworn but he is much cheaper.

Or you could just learn how to counter Spellhai.


If a Spellhai plays 1 or 2 Crescent Spears turn 1 and you don’t draw your artifact removal or pings early, there is no adapting.


There is also a little thing called beatdown.

On you not drawing the neccesary removal: are you replacing optimally? and Are you building your deck to best suit the replace mechanic?

Them drawing 2 turn 1 is unlikely and there is still counter play.


Nah. If an artihai plays correctly then it is nigh impossible to catch them and beat them into losing artifacts

That is, without ping and arti removal.

You can eventually corner them, but at this point youve been shot in 200 places and you are basically a walking corpse


I have literally no clue if he’s talking about ArtHai or Mantra and I can’t watch the replays as I’m on mobile.

I have beat many of actual good ArtHai players but that might be because Corona was actually good.


Doesnt matter what archetype hes talking about.

Hes saying that c spears suck nuts if you cant remove them.
And I say that if any songhai with artifacts on can play correctly then you will need to run at them for awhile to catch them.

And yes, corona is honestly one of the best cards to counter artifacts and artifact decks. Same with faie bbs and such.
Corona was amazing, with its nerf I now wanna play ASCENSION


I read only the header. I thought we were friends, @Ben4d90.

Now I wish you die, die with a lot of pain, eternally burn in flames, BURN BURN BURN :fire:

On a bit more serious note, spear is probably one of 2 my most loved cards, I can’t take nerf requests for it lightly.


Wanna lab the deck?


While I’m not too fond of out-of-hand damage cards like Crescent Spear, they are a necessary evil to counter some of the more boring board-based decks, like currently Wanderer and Fault.

There, I said it. Pls Songhai mains, burn these two off the map of Duelyst :smiley:


I love you. 15 hearts