Creep Cassyva [S Rank l November l 7140 Spirit]


CREEP CASSYVA - S Rank l November

The deck is up-to-date as of November 7th 2016. If any changes are made then I will post a notification about them here. Note that I’ve revamped the old post with my deck lists so that people do not get confused and use outdated lists.

The Deck List

So as it stands, the old versions of Creep Cass which were control and midrange are no longer the “best” versions of Creep decks. This is because the meta is rather fast and tempo oriented so you want to be proactive instead of reactive on your turns. That said, the list above capitalizes on Cassyvas cheap and efficient early game tools to carry you into turn 5+ where you can comfortably drop Spectral Revenants and Abyssal Juggernauts to victory. Moreover, Cassyva has pretty good match-ups across the board and this deck is very strong right now in the current meta. It isn’t so easy to learn and there are many things to keep in mind about how you play out your turns, but the deck is at times unfair to play against when piloted well.

Teched Versus Songhai and Vetruvian

Abyssian has one of the best answers to Lantern Fox, Spell Jammer, Katara, and Tusk Boar which is Night Sorrow Assassin. I’d recommend this list if you find yourself running into a lot of Songhai. That said, this list also does much better than the one above versus Dervish Vetruvian because Night Sorrow Assassin can kill obelisks for free.

Teched Versus Magmar and Lyonar

These lists are in general better versus Magmar and Lyonar becuase they are a bit greedier and run Reaper of The Nine Moons and Klaxon. The greedier you get versus Magmar the better and against Lyonar I recommend using the second list because there really isn’t a good way to get through a Klaxon for Lyonar players so they usually have to dump resources into it just to make it manageable.


I cant afford inquisitor or klaxon. spent all i had just trying to get 1 ghost azalea and 1 obliterate


Yea this deck really breaks the bank. 1 Obliterate and 1 Azalea are fine. I think Kron is really strong, but you could probably get away with using Dancing Blades instead. Even cards like Hollow Groverkeeper could be good because so many people are playing Kron and provoke minions in general.


But it’s not the BEST, is it? This deck is like anti-budget, caring 0 about spirit cost and only about consistency and card quality.


Yea unfortunately the deck has lots of expensive cards in it so its not so helpful for newer players. That said, if you’ve got the dust, and many do (given that most of the cards are not new), then its a really strong ladder deck.


I can understand most of your card choices but i don’t get the jaxi. Maybe its just personal bias but with all the ping running rampant from Skorn, BTA and what not i find this thing so useless most of the time, even disgarding the fact that 50% of the time it spawns in the wrong corner and gets cleared right away. I would play Mystic or Darkspine over it honestly.


This is definitely a very relevant point. I’ve seen mystics, rust crawlers, and spectral blades take that spot and they are all probably just as good. In fact, this deck used to run 2 mystics and 2 spectral blades.


At the same time, having an extra ping is extremely useful, because then any 2 hp minions that would survive BBS then die, and if your opponent has multiple 1 hp minions you can now deal with them.

A fairly decent pseudo-defense against the BBS is to overload the number of targets, making it impossible to ping them all. I’ve had this happen to me multiple times, which is why I think jaxi is a good idea.

Skorn being a good counter to this card is a good point, but I feel like jaxi still deserves a spot regardless.


I have every card in the list excluding klaxon, is there any replacement or is it a core card in this deck? Could I maybe get away with running 3 Shadow Novas instead?


Shadow nova is not the kind of replacement you’re looking for here. As for a replacement, I’m not sure- but you’ll need klaxon for the best creep decks, imo.


Its just that most people have been saying that klaxon just gets removed way too often and almost never tends to stick.


Thoughts on Sunset Paragon as a possible addition? That has been a card that has served me well pre-Shim’zar in my Nova decks; was wondering if it fits here.


I see Klaxon here supposedly be removal bait more than anything else; So playing something just equally annoying would do the trick. (Maybe not 3 shadow novas in my eyes though.)


Probably, but what to cut? Deck seems solid even without it…


But if klaxon gets removed, don’t you lose out on a chunk of shadow creep?


Perhaps Juggernaut in either an aggressive (Mech) or dispel-heavy metagame. I’ve certainly seen a ton of Ephemeral Shrouds lately.

I agree though, the current list can’t really fit much more in, just substitute good cards for other good/ tech cards.


Klaxon also great creep generation, really buffing obliterate, not just bait. Also, bait for what? Itself? You keep klaxoning until one sticks, it dies, you obliterate and win the game. Hopefully.


Having Juggernaut eat a dispel is probably good for your klaxons down the road, though… though deck lacks anti-mechaz0r, I havent seen much mech.


When behind, having Juggernaut eat a dispel could push you further behind into game-losing territory, whereas Paragon could help you regain the board or deal with really unfair cards like a runaway Chakri Avatar/ Kara minion. It’s give and take though, in adding reactive cards to the deck, you lose out on the proactive ones.


I agree. 1 paragon might be too inconsistent, though: never there when you really need it.