Crates for free after they reach limit?


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I know crates are meant only for cosmetics etc, but now it seems quite a waste that you can collect only 5 of one type and that’s it. Maybe it would be nice idea to consider gaining a free key for 5 chests? When it reaches a limit I mean and then you lose 5 crates! What do you think?

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Crates and Keys
So about those crate keys

No. They are entirely cosmetic items that don’t effect gameplay and we’re not entitled to any free keys. CPG is already generous enough as they are, if they were to give cosmetic items for free too I really don’t know how would they make any money.

If notification bothers you here’s the mod to get rid of it:


I know that “we are not entitled”, it’s only for consideration adding why not?


Sorry, I can’t make myself any more clearer.


The entire point of cosmetic is to produce revenue, if CP start to give them for free it destroy their entire purpose.

If you really want cosmetic without spending money you can craft them.

End of the story.


I like the idea of turning 5 chests into at least one key of the chests rarity . but for people who are like “no , too much free . cp = bankrupt” I think it would be ok getting somekind of “key fragment” like in other games and maybe 2 key fragments make a key


Unless crates are ever going to be exchangeable for gold or spirit (which I doubt), I don’t think they should be given out at all to be honest. Rather cosmetic items (or crates and keys if they want to stick to that model) should simply be for sale in the in-game shop. That way the people that don’t care about them don’t get the annoying messages for crates they’re never going to open.


I mean… Hearthstone doesn’t have nearly as many “charged” cosmetic items (3 @ $10 a piece) as Duelyst and I’m pretty sure they are making a good amount of money. It’s not the cosmetics within a collectible card game that make the money, it’s the packs.

Also, the crates are NOT just cosmetic. They have prismatic cards (which you may or may not have a copy of said card non-prismatic), so they could impact gameplay.


“Based on nothing, I believe they are making enough money from orbs and that’s why they should give us free cosmetic items”.

Yeah, I think I’ll just leave the discussion before I say something that will get me another flag.


Crates are a bit expensive for random items, but that’s about it.
Giving them for free, especially after you max them out makes no sense.
That said, forcing you to wait for them to drop to purchase them is a bit weird.
I’d rather be able to see the content of the acquired crates (or part of it), before deciding whether to unlock them, and be able to purchase random blind crates without limits.


They’ve said they will make some other way to get keys.

They are a revenue source, so they shouldn’t be simple or automatic to get. But having some small chance at them would be cool.


There was the same stuff in the game Nosgoth (sigh.), box with stuff (most of it contents was cosmetics) with a key (purchased with real money), but with the ranked reward they give to players some can be cool.


I never said they need to provide cosmetic items for free, I was pointing out YOUR assumption that this game makes its money from cosmetic items. I have to believe that CP is making most from orbs (based on Hearthstone’s model). Keep in mind that this isn’t a MOBA (where most money does come from cosmetics).

I also don’t appreciate you paraphrasing me (and stating things I did not state) to make yourself look better. No animosity is needed. Its just a game and this is just a forum.


If their overall cosmetic item desirability weren’t so low, then their crates would sell much better.

As it is, I’m pretty sure that only a tiny handful of the cosmetic items are “take my money” to most players. What’s worse is that cosmetic items are not manually disenchantable, so getting unwanted cosmetic items pretty much feels like doodoo. There is just too much worthless fluff in those things.

At this point, I would say tweak the crates so they contain fewer “almost certainly worthless to most players” cosmetic items (most profile icons, generic emotes, generic cardbacks, etc.) and more Prismatic cards. It’s important to make much fewer crates feel like total losses to sell 'em keys seriously.

As far as free keys go:


The introduction of new free keys is their second chance to give the players a good sample experience with crates in order to sell some o’ 'em keys. If they botch this one, too, then they may as well chuck their revenue people into the Sea of Judgement. =S


I’m joining Raqyee on this one.
This is like the 5th topic I’m seeing about “give us free keys”

They are COSMETICS, and, yeah, maybe League or any other free to play may have a system to get them for free, but guess what, Duelyst already has that function. Why do people tend to forget that there’s already a way to obtain them without banking before they make another thread about having an alternate way to get not impactful on gameplay items.
And no, prismatics don’t affect gameplay, because they are prismatics. Might as well get them in boosters, it would cost you less time and effort.
Even the legendary stuff MKII generals that have the highest “shut up and take my money” incentive can be crafted… Please… guys… just stop already…


I dunno, I don’t think it is entirely that simple, because of how CP chose to do this.

If they made these crates, put them in the store at whatever price they wanted, I’d agree 100%. They are optional, buy them or not.

But CP instead decided to use this “tease” mechanism, where you “win” things you haven’t really won, and then get “reminded” of these “winnings” on the home screen all the time. (Yes, there’s a script to hide it, but most people don’t know this.)

Everything has its cost. The “win crates / buy keys” taunting thing may lead to increased sales. But the flip side is threads like these. There are plenty of cosmetics in the store and it’s only the crates that cause controversy. CP could make all of this go away: remove the “win crates” thing, stick them in the store with a price tag, and be done with it.


I think it is based on the fact that opening “boosters” is much more attractive than simply buying the stuff. And once again if you want smthg in particular, just craft it. Yes there is the prompt on the main screen, yes it’s a bit (very) dirty as a teasing strategy but we’ll have to stick with it.


We are working on a way for you to be able to earn keys in game, but for the time being, they are buy only.

So about those crate keys