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Crates and Keys


i don’t know how most of the community felt about the crates system and i would love to know but, for me it felt really bad to get all these crates and not being able to open it.

i mean, this might be an unpopular opinion but instead of getting it and not being able to open it forever i think i would be better off not getting it at all, i understand the business strategy behind it but, i don’t know, it just felt out of place. and i know for sure that if you make it easy to get the keys, that will cut down a big portion of CPG’s income and that is the worst thing because this company is freaking amazing.

and yes i know that there are rumors (or possibly confirmed rumors) of CPG trying to make a system to get keys but, should they?


I am pretty sure that being able to get keys by participating in tours is what they meant with ‘we will introduce a system to earn free keys in the future’.

You feeling bad about not being able to open them is the entire point.


i see, that’s a shame that they meant to make us felt bad lol. i suppose i can understand the business choice they had to make so. yeah.

about the tournament thing, didn’t we get crates more frequently than the amount of tournaments being held?


Yes. Again that’s the entire point, there need to be more crates than keys available to make profit of them.


damn, you make a fine point. thanks for telling me.



Gahd, again another thread about this D:

CPG officially stated that they will be implementing a free way to open crates but in the long future, because cosmetics is one of their source of income.
About the crates, getting them and not being able to open them, don’t worry, get all the crates and when you are full you will not have any remorse about getting them anymore.
Believe me, I mannaged to forget about them, until I saw this thread…


please check the post right above yours. please read.


I did, I read yours, and I’m answering your original post
And how about you reading and searching in the forums about the countless threads already giving you the answers and overreacting about this as well?
I think you should be the one reading in the first place


but the thread is done, it’s over. :frowning:


Again, i doubt they will add another way to earn free keys.


It’s so illogical to me why people find having crates they can’t open so annoying when they aren’t actually any kind of possession in a first place but just represent how amount of keys you can buy to get random cosmetics if you choose to purchase them. They also aren’t earned but gained for free.

Like, they could remove keys in it’s current form entirely and just let us purchase crates directly from the store as we would keys, with limits implemented to how much we can depending on the amount of games we play and people would be happy with it because they don’t see that pesky crate notification despite the entire system being basically the same.

People are weird.


it felt as if we gained something, but we actually gained nothing, i find it really enticing how you find people getting annoyed by that illogical. i want to know how you think.


There you now have plenty to read with all the answers and the rants already been displayed in those threads, and I’m sure you can find even more in the forums.


I just explained why I find it illogical. I don’t see what else I can say to make it more clear. Maybe consider re-reading my post?


i think this is getting negative, i’m out XD


Thread has been answered. As such I am locking it.

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