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Crappy Cass Xor Deck 15chars

I’ll preface this by saying, “yes, this deck is utterly terrible”. So far, the joy i find in it is to sadistically whittle the general’s health down.

so what you do is concede until you fight someone that’s not lilithe,ragnora, or anyone that’s well-equipped to fight you.
when you match vs someone with less ribbons than you, finish your trial and go face, one spellspark at a time. Yes, you will run out of rope, so you’ll have to hope he concedes like in this game:

wont chakram help with my lack of damage? No
what if the spellsparks can’t reach him? move them as far as possible, and use necrosphere on them all at once
in hindsight, i really should have just put an abhorrent and some echoes


here’s what it looks like with a wincon and proper trial spells in it.


Double text :expressionless:.

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oops sry i’ll fix it

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Going for impractical and sadistic? In that case, you’re killing off your opponent too fast.

Gibbet and fugitive can extend the game indefinitely without killing the opponent.

Something like this:


the sadistic part just happened tbh :joy:
is there really no way to consistenly complete trial and summon xor on curve though?

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Consistently? No, there’s no way.

But adding Alcuins and probably Abjudicator may help.

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