Counterplays relation to Fan Projects


Hi Counterplay, this is a question for you:

What is your position regarding to legal issues connected to fan projects?

Out of fun i started creating a Tabletop Simulator Mod of Duelyst, mainly using
materials included in the Artkit (Card Images, Logos), that everyone can download, but
also the general concept of the game (Board Design, Rules, etc.).

Tabletop Simulator is a Platform that allows players to play all sorts of Board Games over the internet with other people. Many games are provided in the associated Workshop. Tabletop Simulator still encourages players to buy the games in real life, to support the developers (in the case of Duelyst buying is not the thing, but playing the game is).

The mod is, hence i used the Artkit, in the state of the Pre Prismatic Patch and does not include any cards of the “Denizens of Shim’Zar” expansion or any updated game mechanics (Shadow Creep, Chrysalis Eggs). Also, being morphed into a board game, a lot of comfort gets lost (automated processes have to be done manually). Further there are no commercial issues connected to this. I do not get any monetary outcome of uploading it to steam.

Right now only i can use the Mod but i wondered if you would be fine with me uploading it to the Tabletop Simulators Workshop and post it on Reddit. I would make sure that credit for the awesome materials (or for any literary property for that matter) goes to you. If you are not, i won’t do anything and just keep it for myself. If you want, i could give you a look into what i made.

With kind regards