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Counterplay Christmas Wish List


A campaign would be nice


Yes it would


Can I get a Red Ryder BB gun?


No, you’ll shoot your eye out.


I want a mobile version.
A buff for frostiva and friends.
Make all vanar minions vespyrs.
Give us another vespyrs.
No more tours.


I want duelyst mmorpg. Jk.

I just want mobile version.


Nah, mmorpg is just how we say mobile around here

It starts with a stutter
Then descends into unintelligible gibberish

Mmorpg (spoken phonetically of course)


Let’s see here, for Christmas I’d like:

Santa hats for generals
Santa hats for minions
All of the snow chaser emotes

And my two front teeth


Fixed it for you

Doesn’t he have two?


I would assume so, but I don’t know. @isbee, how many eyes do you have?


he has 3.

The third unlocks him the mighty like storm.


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