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Counterplay Christmas Wish List


I’d like a bicycle if we are having christmas wish lists.
Oh oh! and a train set.

OH and a G.I Joe action figure set

and a race car
annnnnnnnnnnnd a jolly rancher :smiley:


I want @Ryvirath’s racecar.



:fist::fist: anyone who trynna get my racecar better step up, gonna knock them right back down :fist::fist:


Remember, fights are resolved by children’s card games and not violence.



The gift that keeps on giving.

I want @elPatoPoderoso’s racecar.


I wish for first dibs on a Ragnora MKII skin this Christmas. Santa skins wouldn’t be bad either, and a new game mode or mobile would also be nice. Also being accepted into my 1st choice college too. But Ragnora MKII first.




See, @Ryvirath? Now your refusal to give me your race car is depriving @ThanatosNoa of my race car. So selfish of you.


I will be the race car king. Because in the immortal words of our guiding light Ricki Bobbay, if you ain’t first, you’re last.


Does this make me John C Reilly?

  • no Christmas related list just because it’s Christmas in more than 3 weeks


Looks like the holidays are weighing heavily on somebody. Tell me of your troubles, friend.


My holidays are when *I* decide :wink:


But you just told me christmas is in more than 3 weeks. seems pre-determined to me :slight_smile:


For a moment I hoped I could avoid the Christmas invasion stuff here in forums, nevermind :slight_smile:


Nobody is telling you to be here, Nwardezir. You can leave anytime.


Some guy told me to :wink:

You could just have let it go without a comment :stuck_out_tongue:



15 cha


I’m just finicky like that :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. And I updated my post for your viewing pleasure. It now requires more than one item per list.