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Counterplay Christmas Wish List


Make sure to post your own… (must contain more than one item)

  • Consistent general art
  • an epic crate key
  • a christmas themed Mechazor skin.
  • nerf SF
    (note: this is a meme thread, CPG. Nobody really expects any of these things to happen.)

A christmas gift to duelyst players
  • doom support
  • viable doom support
  • @thanatosnoa actually implementing my ideas about doom support
  • thanatos not responding to this post with a gif


aggro-support build minions that give buffs when it’s a structure and punishes you when it’s built.

  • Game Balance
  • Serpenti Emotes
  • Maehv Support
  • Santa Skins for each faction
  • thanatos responding to this post with a gif


I don’t ask for much

  • a fully unlocked collection
  • a card dedicated in my honor
  • mobile release (okay I know this one is pushing it)


definitely this one



I’m watching you


  • Santa Argeon skin
  • 10% of all the money made from the Santa Argeon skin
  • Mobile release
  • World peace (I believe in you cpg!)


I’ll only ask mobile release.

I’m a bad guy…


don’t watch me too closely please


-Rebuke nerf
-Finality nerf
-Mk2 skins(i want Kaleos riding a lantern fox)




just don’t watch me Okay! I’m extremely paranoid!

  • Argeon vs Vaath trailer (I know this is never going to happen anyway but I want to believe)

  • Something similar to the seven sister (very pessimistic about this too)

  • (is the frostifire festival going to be a thing this year?)

  • as @oranos said Serpenti Emotes


Yea i’m sure that’s not what you meant :wink:


Dear Santa CPG,

With the holidays fast approaching, I know you’re really busy preparing many wonderful things for all of the good boys and girls. I realize I haven’t made my request about my hopes for Christmas and I pray I’ve been a good enough boy to warrant maybe just a little something this year. If it isn’t too much trouble (I know you have a lot on your hands!), I would love to get a new wallpaper in the game and maybe some holiday themed minion/general skins! :blush:

Thank you for your consideration and Merry Christmas!
-The most pure, innocent, and merry forum-goer, Longshot405 :kissing_closed_eyes:


Dear CPG,
I have some wishes for Christmas, which are partially technical and partially aesthetical:

-Some Magmar nerf (SF, Lavaslasher, Rebuke).
-Fix the bugs.
-New generals’ artworks same as the old one or new artworks for the old generals, same for the avatars and emoticons.
-More artworks, cards’ stories, lores.
-“Previous” button in replay section and also some rewind option/button.
-Fix this thing where the orbs’ icons in the transmuting thingy look rounded, cut.

Thank you!




I want @Ryvirath back


Dear CPG.

For this Christmas i just have several wishes:

  • Serpenti emotes with santa’s beard and hat on top.
  • Rainbow color rope.
  • Seven brothers maybe?
  • Pls make joseki synergy cards pls.