Countering Vetruvians' early aggression


I’m not a pro player by any means, but I like to eviscerate the best strategies of the games I play. I’m learning and improving on the game by myself, but there is one aspect of the game which most prominently give me troubles: early game aggression by Vets.

I’m not saying Vets are OP, but apparently I have troubles finding effective strategies to play around their early game. I typically hit Gold with moderate efforts by playing Magmar and Plasma Storm is a beast against Vets. At turn 5, it can easily clean the board, which eventually leads to victory quite often.

However, now I’m practising more with other factions and I realise how hard is to deal with the early aggression of Vets. For instance, I play a moderately slow Songhai deck for fun, built around positioning, and I have troubles at removing obelisks. And if I dare to play minions, Falcius is coming to contest the board. It’s also not obvious how to deal with buffed minions, since hard removals are better spent later against Aimaras.

A decent strategy I’m testing is moving the battle to my corners, so that the first placed obelisks are out of range, and using my general to keep enemies away from ranged units. But sometimes the aggression is overwhelming and hiding in the corner leads to being trapped.

What are your best strategies against fast Vet decks? Magmar have Plasma Storm, but what for the other factions? Any general tip? Do you try to hide and seek or do you aim at removing everything?


The trick is knowing how to avoid getting punished any harder by Pax than you have to. Obelysks are pretty easy to punch down when they’re used to pin you down. But preemptively attacking Pax, or trying to ignore it or the Dervishes can blow back hard. If you can, try to play around situations where you can pop both Pax and a Dervish at the same time, or make Pax pop itself during their turn.

Aggro Vet also gets absolutely demolished by dispel effects, because everything they are doing is fairly slow- but there’s a good chunk of tidal pressure. A single early dispel makes Aggro Vet stutter hard enough to outrace pretty handily. But, if you misread your Vet opponent for being all-in, and you burn dispels early to get them to stutter, you may find yourself getting rolled by a midrange or control Vet deck. So be careful with the reads. If they start playing removal early, work on building your own tempo instead of breaking theirs.


I think you already nailed the main strategies against vet as a control deck, which is, get away from the obelysks when you cant remove them, and always have an answer to Aymara.

Yet you haven’t touched on the most important thing, which is to abuse vet’s weakness of having the shortest reach out of all factions. Both Falcius and Entropic Decay requires the general to be next to the enemy. If you play something out of reach against vet, their options against it is limited to Rasha’s Curse, Star’s Fury or Third Wish. This makes Abyssian really good against vet because Kelaino which is a 2/5 body is extremely hard to clear.

As Songhai, you can take advantage of this and easily win the game with a well placed Ki Beholder, Heartseeker or Four Winds Magi.


Hi, guys, thanks for answering!

Yes, I really think that Pax is major offender in the early game, I think I typically have troubles in playing around it. It’s also good to have some confirmation that the strategy I use is well-founded, one ever wonders whether he’s missing something.

It’s quite stimulating to play slower decks against Vets. You always have the feeling that you’re getting demolished, but wins are extremely satisfying. I’m always amazed by how much complexity the board adds to this game.

More comments are welcome!


this is why i hate abysian lol


Void Steal is a pretty nice Abyssian counter for Pax, since 0 atk minions can’t attack and thus won’t always trigger their effects, and no one wants to give a whole lot of buffs for a minion (especially a battle pet) that would die instantly anyway. Works out to some extent against Lantern Foxes also.


that seems like a bad idea as it is a 3 mana play to counter a 2 mana card also it is very easy for vet to buff a pax with scion’s first wish which almost every vet deck runs 3 of.


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