Could somebody put ideas in my head for what kind of deck to build next?


Recently, I made an alabaster titan deck with the help of people from the forums. The deck is immensely manly and I like it. I like the idea “My minions are STRONG!!! so I SMASH YOUR MINION” feeling, but I think it might be time for me to experiment with the other factions for a bit.

I would like to get into some of the other factions besides lyonar but I do not know where to start, so I would like help from people of the forums to throw ideas at me!!




Until Kha happens. Or EMP.

But really, smash Vaath is fun. That comes from a Magmar hater.


Animus/Vespyr Ilena also has quite the ME STRONK feeling with a bit being a pissed off angry granny protecting her overgrown babies by disintegrating people via freeze/kicking their bits, then eventually turning one of said overgrown babies (preferentially that 16/18 wall left for seven years in a corner) into a piledriver via Reliquarian.

Alternatively you could study and try the impossible, given your style and quite good ascension, to make buff Kara work.


Abyssian wraithlin buff deck. Someone made a meme in reference to anchor arms and it’s so accurate


There’s this deck called Wanderer Ragnora, maybe you’ve heard of it, and does pretty much what you described :slight_smile: .


Indeed I have heard of it and played(edit: AGAINST) it a few times, but I heard of people complaining about wanderer, I am not sure if I would want to play it if it ruins the fun of other players.


Oh yes, it has this side effect of spoiling the fun of almost every player against it, and people do complain about it and how it makes OP things ( [COUGH] rippers) even more OP… But it’s out there, available for everyone who wants to taste the power with little effort, and enjoy a true and genuine experience in Duelyst :slight_smile: .


Guys, woman power > man (lizard?) power easily. A 26-attack Grimwar Lilithe teleported to an opponent’s face on 5/6 mana is where it’s at. :vankiss:


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