Cosmetics: too messy?


Hi! I’m not that much into cosmetics, but I have to say CPG is doing an excellent work with them. That’s why I redeemed the Humble Bundle key to unlock the advertised cosmetic items (also the Keeper is nice, by the way!). After doing this, I realised the current UI is a bit messy when it comes to cosmetics, scattering the collected items in a number of places:

  • Cardbacks: upper right corner of the deck building interface
  • Emoticons: in-game interface + armory (for all of them?)
  • Card skins: I really don’t know, but I think I unlocked one with my key
  • General skins: I never got one, so I don’t know

Maybe it’s my problem, but my feeling is that the UI would benefit of a centralized place where all the cosmetics are collected. The armory may be just fine for that, since it already stores a number of information, but it’s not fully comprehensive to the best of my knowledge.

Any plan for this? What do you think?

  • Cardbacks: It’s natural how hey would be in a deck building interface as every deck can have it’s own individual cardback.
  • Emoticons: It’s also natural how they would show us missing emoticons in game so we know which ones are we missing. The real issue when it comes to emoticons UI ingame is how they cover the BBS button.
  • Card Skins: If you have one it’s probably due to humble bundle. They’re pretty logical actually if you know what the word skin implies, you need to have an actual card in order to have a skin for it.
  • General Skins: If you don’t have any issues then why mention it?

The UI does have one place where you get to buy all the cosmetics and it’s called armory like you mentioned yourself. Fact that they made equipping cosmetics easier by letting us select them in the deck building menu which makes perfect sense, doesn’t make the hud messy. What would be messy is if we had to go back to armory every single time we wanted to change a general skin or a cardback for a specific deck. UI definitely could use some work but it’s pretty good when it comes to the points you’ve made.


Maybe I was not clear enough. My issue is not with buying cosmetics - as you say, the armory is the place for that. Rather, I would like to see one place in the UI where all the collected cosmetics so far are shown and organised by category, i.e., the cosmetics counterpart of the card collections.

It’s fine to have shortcuts to apply cosmetics, but I think we lack a place where cosmetics are centralised and shown. I think this is a natural desire for most cosmetics collectors :slight_smile:

(Also, I still don’t understand where card skins are. If I understand correctly, the Humble Bundle skin should apply to the Keeper. How can I see it and apply it?)


In deck building where you get to select the general you also see general skins, and in the card collection where you get to select cards you see skins of the cards next to the original card. And since emotes have nothing to do with deckbuilding, to check which one you have you got to visit the armory where all the emotes, owned and now owned are located.

It’s really as simple as it gets.


I must admit, I was a little perplexed to find where the card skins are kept, but it does make sense, as you may want to pick one or the other skin for different decks.


Hi Tsevech, nice suggestion on updating the armory, we may look at making the cosmetics area a tad clearer in the future. Thanks for the input :smiley:


Thanks to raqyee for the clarifications and thanks Ryvirath for answer. I look forward to an improvement in the armory UI at some point in time!