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Cosmadelic Arge conTroll..?


Hi friends. Can someone playtest this for me? Seems like it would be fun. I love lyonar for the draw potential, and love dat combo life.

What we’re doing here is aiming for an incredibly strong turn 3 and 4 while setting up our astral endgame (lol)

Vale ascension for the memes, but it seems interesting with saberspine, as they will be pretty much be guaranteed to be in your graveyard. So the space in which you can use vale is generally greater (at least in theory) And tigers are pretty good with Arge. 5 damage for 5 mana is a relatively good deal in my book for a lyon deck. throw in a sanctify and he might survive a turn for an extra 5 dmg goin somewhere. tigers will be your core method of board control along with thunder.

Yes I run 1 drops, I feel it adds to deck dynamism with all the draw power.

Turn 1 cleric and aether, its all good in the hood, set up dat vale for down the line while increasing the chances of a surving t-horn. widow seems like the el natural choice, but i was considering bloodsworn (wild!) or solpiercer as well. i was intentionally not trying to have any 3 drops here. hence azurite. 3 drops just dont really work with the tempo im going for. am hoping to maximize celerity and sanctify to ramp up rather quickly while being able to control the board, fuck a green egg, feel?

Another thing we’re going for here are buffed, un-fuck-wittable t-hornies. Yeah the patch messing up our #1 Bull cut deeply, but he ain’t out for the count. His ability is still rly fkn good. making him an 8/5 with an aegis barrier relatively early in the game is incredibly ouchies. Good luck with that fam, I dont care how songhai u is. ur gonna be begging mommy for your chicken tendies after he’s done with you

the sanctify/cleric/vale meme might be the weak link here. i am willing to admit that. i am curious as to how it would play out. i was considering manaforger for infinite draw power more or less (e.g aethermaster double replace, draw 1 aegis/rift, play for 0, repeat for a couple mana, there is okay potential there, lots of personal hand control, which i love), but I cant see room for him. Maybe manaforger instead of cleric. I just like how all those tiles can build into midgame, and being able to heal a little bit here and there is crucial for creatures and general. And getting a t-bonerhorn for 2 is too delicious to pass up. even getting an astral on the field would be interesting. i wonder if that interaction would be coded properly, and if it would retain its buff it had one. getting a 10/9 astral crusader for 2 would be a one-way trip to Value Town. is the vale ascension creature activated? So many questions…

last judgment is just an all around great card in my book. not only can it control the board pretty gosh darn well, it can function as a game winner or a giant slayer if needed. shroud in here should be obvious.

There are uhh 8 cards that draw other cards, blaze hound sucks, keep it good in the golden hood, theobule for the memes, turn 4 (or even 3) astral memer not out of the question with the speed on this sucker. was considering 3 trinities but that is kinda heavy. tempest is a goddamn staple and decimate is an underrated classic (gold man’s LiTD, its a no-brainer considering the 3 horns). come at me. listen i know it may not be omega neckbeard tier but i imagine it’d be pretty fun to play. right now im running something similar but haven’t decided on spending the dosh because im a weiner and need some advice here before i take the monetary plunge.

r8 m8s (also if someone could play test that sucker for me that’d be gr8)


have you considered running wings of paradise? it’s pretty solid on its own, but since you’ve got the replace suite, it can do some solid damage.

also if i were you, i’d swap rift for something else. aside from saberspine, none of these dudes would have any benefit in getting airdrop imo.


Circle of Life is better and is a 10hp swing overall

i’d comment that the 1-2 cost drops will pollute your Vale Ascension revives so perhaps you can go the same route as GrincherZ where the lowest cost for minions he used was 3 (only Silverguard Knight) and his Hallowed Ground generators were mainly Fortified Assault and Aperion’s Claim. this is if you wish to keep the VA memes.

he also used Brome since Crestfallens can stall and he went for a higher curve.


I tried AC Lyonar, but imo it’s not getting buffed whenever it should. Still have 1 in my deck to look for the bug.


i’ve completely stopped caring about this concept after learning AC only gets a buff for the specific card that was swapped, not all AC’s in your deck, which is how it should be imo


oh i know, i run circles like blood of airs usually. the whole point here was to mill as fast as possible into AC’s. If I were to remake this if AC was buffed I’d run sun wisps as well.


sorry for the triple post, but do you have a link to this deck?

imagining he used cryptos for fast access to the bbs


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