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Correctly Guess the Number of Plots for a Free Skin Prize


There’s only one plot, Anjous’s plot of plot guessing.
Give me the Keeper skin!


There are as many plots as you want to see, it can range from none to infinite


In this case the number of plots is i.


Of course I participate in this for the plot


No, no. There is an actual definite answer, I promise.


If we are only counting at plots that we can see, the image generates roughly 72 plots per minute, or 1.2 plots per second.

When this was first posted, it had a maximum of 4 and a minimum of 2 complete plots. So, we can write the number of plots as a function of time as

P = 1.2t + N, where N is a natural number between 2 and 4, t is the time since this was posted in seconds, and P is the number of plots.


Alternatively, if we consider a smaller plot to be a fraction of a regular plot, then then sum of all the plots will be the sum of some infinite geometric series with q<1. This will give some non-infinite number.

If we assume that he biggest plot is equal to one plot, then the smaller plot nestled in the “O” is equal to 1/5 of a plot (since its area is 1/5 that of the bigger plot), and the next one 1/25… and so on.

The sum of all these plots will be
P = 1+ 1/5 +1/25+…


You forgot that it doesn’t animate when no one is looking at it, and it can generate more plots depending on how many people are currently viewing it.

And you call yourself a mathematician! :facepalm:


Taking into account that:

  1. Objects/words that are partially shown are still considered fully formed/existing objects/words;
  2. Objects/words are considered one whole, regardless of their changing size and orientation;
  3. Objects/words that are not fully legible are still known to exist as fully formed/existing objects/words (the PLOT word at the center of the O); and
  4. Objects/words are considered nonexistent when no part of them can be observed in the frame and cease to exist.

This gif has 40 frames. Out of the 40 frames:

  • 2 of these frames have 5 PLOTs in them;
  • 30 of these frames have 4 PLOTs in them; and
  • 8 of these frames have 3 PLOTs in them.
    That means there are a total 154 PLOTS in this gif, spread unevenly over 40 frames.

This gif loops once every second, showing ~2.566… PLOTs on each frame every loop.

However, this is under the assumption that each PLOT is a unique object/word. If we count assuming that, with regards to (4), objects/word which cease to exist return to the center of the O immediately after they can no longer be observed, then there are only 5 PLOTs in the gif.


The plots do not return to the center, but rather are destroyed as they leave the field of view, and new ones are created in the center. However, you are correct; there are constantly 5 PLOTS in this gif. See, it wasn’t so difficult, was it? Plots needn’t always be complicated, if you know your opponent will create their own complications. :wink:

You will receive your free skin shortly! :trophy:


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