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Correctly Guess the Number of Plots for a Free Skin Prize




Clearly this is a trick question, as there are no plots to be found.


You are sadly mistaken, sir. There is ALWAYS at least one plot afoot.

And as the saying goes:

“Where is the fun in a plot that does not contain, lying concealed somewhere in its unfathomable depths, another plot?”
-Anjosustrakr, wisest philosopher of his time


Can you post this image in an imgur album?


one plot leads to another. what is life but a serious of plots? so my answer is that we cannot know.


Why? And an album of what?




Oops, sorry, not an album, just the gif. If you post it on imgur, I can tell you how many plots there are.


Four plots. 15char


That place is a disease. If you choose not to tell me how many plots there are, you just won’t have a chance of getting the prize…


…but I like Mario games… which must mean that these titles are deeper than I thought. Please enlighten me, I am not woke yet.


What a plot twist!


Hold up let me count them…


I’m going to go with 7, because why not?


The answer is always “42”. Regardless of the question.


There are always 2 visible
Hoever it zooms in a fter rotating,revealing more plots. Since it loops forever there are infinite plots




I’ll go with three plots

  • P - 5
  • L - 3
  • O - 4
  • T - 4
  • S - 6
  • center of rotation & scaling - 1
  1. There are 23 points.
    per plot.



You’re all wrong, by the way. Though one of you was… close.