Core Set and Rotation Changes


Partially get the rationale for rotation; certainly makes design innovation in new expansions easier for CPG, & the game will be more accessible for folks w/low #s of cards who can’t spend $ on orbs or invest time grinding to earn gold.

But I strongly disagree w/the assumption that unpredictability makes the game less enjoyable, for experienced players or new peeps. When I began playing Duelyst (right before Shimzar), being continually surprised by the diversity in deck types was why I fell in love with the game. As a “longer term” player, it’s hella fun when an expansion comes out & offers cards that make certain oldies relevant again. But when I want to play the game THE LEAST is when every other match has me up against the same deck type. Limiting card options in the ladder will = less originality & will force those of us who like playing w/weird decks to jump onto the same composition bandwagons as everyone else, just to stay competitive.

Hope there’s a “Wild” ladder option, too, so CPG can compare data against the regular rotation-based ladder. Suspect it’ll reveal the Wild option ends up being more popular, honestly.

R.I.P. on ladder for Arrow Whistler, Blistering Skorn, Prophet of the White Palm, Sunsteel Defender, Tethermancer, Captain Hank Hart, Dioltas, Night Watcher, Syvrel the Exile, The Scientist, & Eclipse, since you’ve been in a ton of my decks.


cough (points at phantasm)


Agreed about the unpredictability. And it’s part of why I support rotation. Throwing out cards forces people to come up with new stuff instead of just tweaking and refining old stuff. Otherwise we’d likely have cpg struggling to come up with new gimmicks every expansion to keep old decks in check. We can still have new gimmicks, but we can also have new takes on old gimmicks.


Well, I started a poll around 6 hours ago; it seems, of 29 voters, 52% would play both a Standard and Wild format, while 31% would prefer to play only Wild. 14% would only play Standard…

…and 1 person will just quit.

Jokes aside, brings up the total of people who would play Wild (not including whether they would play Standard) to be 83%. To be taken with a grain of salt of course.


Just Wanna say that i’ll miss sunsteel badly when it will leave, its one of My favourite cards! Set rotation is a must for a ccg with one-two expansions per year so good job. And that nerfs!! Im happy with somes Like Brm and frostburn but cc and Tiger looks too much, expetially considering that are core cards


Yeah, think I’d be in the “only Wild” faction. Maybe that’ll change upon experiencing the new ladder; will try & stay open.


I hoped for a more radical solution:
1-core set is too big and contains to many cards that should rotate out.
2-rotation, that are fun because meta completly shift, happens only once in an year
3-there isn’t any system to prevent people from stopping craft/buy sets that will soon rotate out (like they should be cheaper to buy or return more spirit when disenchanted).


Likewise; even if it wasn’t balanced in favour of standard, I’d probably stay mainly to Wild.


Everyone please vote. We have to tell CPG what we think/want.

I love this game and I’m happy about the changes, even though there are a few cards I am sad to see go. I want Duelyst to grow and change and evolve and I’m ok with growing pains.


I am very unhappy about the rotation. The player base is small… Get ready to wait for too long if CPG splits the player base in many game modes.


Wow I had no internet for 2 days or so and this is what I come back to…

I have always strongly opposed card rotation and really hoped it would not happen. I am extremely skeptical and with all the past changes and stuff that’s been happening I feel as if CPG is alienating me from their game more and more.
I do not know how much longer I will be able to hold interest.

IF one of the game modes is ‘exactly like laddering in experience-but-still-separate’ and allows all cards I guess I’ll just play that.
Yeah, there’s an idea: why not make 2 identical ladders: Rotation Ladder and our current ladder where all cards are allowed, and then see, during a 3 month period, how that goes?

I think that would make me happy considering the circumstances.
If one of the game modes then is mostly empty for 3 months, okay, then I guess scrap it, whichever it is.

There’s so much more too… Revenant, Warmaster tribe… pfff, yeah, someone said shock and it feels a little like a shock indeed!


I would like to see Eggmar. But you will rotate it out early 2018.
I’d like to see Growmar. But you will rotate out the enabler-card early 2018.
Magmar faction keywords are on the funeral pyre already. The match is in your hand…

That’s basically all I have to say.


Thank you for preventing GMZ from rotating, but I am totally against set rotation. Anyone I tell about this change immediately gave me a groan of despair. Players hate set rotations for budget reasons and because the sense of loss when they have to retire decks and cards. Please CPG don’t make us retire cards! Rotations can kill deck diversity when archetypes don’t get enough support and hurt fun decks like tribal. I don’t think the community wants this change and isn’t large enough to support multiple formats. Even with 800 cards there are so many that aren’t playable so certain decks would just take huge hits on set rotation. So many deck packages will be killed. This announcement pretty much crushes my dreams of a strong backstabbing package being playable in the future.


Blah, so many nerfs. This is the Hearthstone syndrome, all nerfs, no boosts. Make some bad cards playable !
As for the rotation, I will, like in Hearthstone, play Wild. I don’t like restraining my possibilities.

Overall I’m not a big fan of all this. Pretty disappointed, in fact. This kind of news won’t make me change my mind about being FTP.


Hello? @ThanatosNoa , I don’t know if this’ll reach you, but I’m kind of 1-2 orbs away from sirocco and I only got 215 gold in my pocket. now i’ve been non-stop grinding ancient orbs for the past 1-2 months now and I’d kinda feel bad if I don’t make it in time. Is it okay if you guys keep the 300 option there for 1-2 more weeks? :frowning: That’d be so nice of CPG. please :frowning:


They’ll be craftable, and all the garbage legends and epics will be disenchantable now. If they kept the 300 option those orbs would basically be Spirit Factories.


We’ll discuss this at a later date, with the article explaining game modes (as of right now nothing has changed).

Grimes' card pool needs a tweak

I’m not asking for much. just roll the merge at a later date, so we can finish up on our sets.


Yeah, that, and get me a date with Scarlett Johansson.
And a coffee.
Black, no sugar.
Quick please.

Nuetral spells/Generals; yes or no?
Make Sunriser 3 mana 3/4 plz and thanks

Amazing how many people here are losing their shit even though CPG might just introduce an eternal format with the next expansion that will keep everything exactly the same as it is today