Core Set and Rotation Changes


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With one minor tweak to this: you don’t have PM me at all, just put it out there. Make a thread, make some comments, make some noise on social media, get your thoughts out there.

It makes a world of difference to us community managers when we try to represent our players to the rest of the team when we have reference material (particular public threads with strong discussions!)

Help us help you, voice your opinions, your concerns, and of course, your joys and interests! Because if we also don’t hear about what you like we won’t know to make more of it :wink:

Quick Edit:

In case anyone hasn’t read this either

Think of this as an announcement to Rotations. We didn’t want players to be caught by surprise with magical rotations and cards disappearing from their collection, so we did this now. But as we get closer to the first set rotation (coming with the first expansion of 2018) we’ll talk about the changes going in with Game Modes.

I requested an update on progress, looks like the site is suffering some technical issues. They’re working on getting that full site up and running as soon as possible, but there’s no ETA on it yet :slightly_frowning_face:

Was Excited, Now I am terrified: Game Update Gripes

Wow. So this is why I held off finishing the F.A.Q. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Say what you want, but I had a gut feeling big changes were coming soon. Not that it precluded me from finishing something a while ago, but damn! if this isn’t a big ol’ pot stir.

Some will leave; many will stay - I don’t think it is necessary to find fault either way. I am very interested in the future of this game, so here I remain.


Goodbye, Ruby Rifter. Who could hang a name on you?


I appreciate that reference.:sunglasses:


He speaks the truth.



I would like there to be a legacy format that includes all the cards. I don’t play MtG anymore, but I still enjoy watching Vintage and Legacy matches because of the crazy cool stuff that they can do with such a huge card pool.


The thing is that Saberspine has been the linchpin of the game for a long time. So many things are the way they are because Tiger existed at 3 mana.

Factions will not not have easy removal for certain threats, and with the burst potential in Duelyst, that can mean GG.

For example, P2 has very few options to remove P1s plays now. This means that P1 is basically guaranteed a 4 mana T2. That affects a lot of things. People would run 4 health minions to avoid a T1 Tiger by P2.

It was the cleanest way to remove a Sentinel outside of some of the best faction cards.

There are many other instances of how this will affect things, but it is going to shake up so much. The early game with Tiger at 4 mana will be very, very different. People will still run it for late game wins I think, but the early game is totally different now (which will likely affect the late game).


I would actually like this to go further. Cut the core set down to the free cards+ 100 or so. Those are the only cards that are always legal. Then introduce 1-2 reprint sets per year. Or sales on old sets if you want to just reprint an old set. Like instead of doing 2 expansions and 2 mini expansions like ancient bonds and rotbb, do 3 regular expansions and 2 mini reprint expansions. Same model as ab and rotbb, but old cards relevant to a newer sets theme. Say in 2020 you want to release a bunch of arcanyst and golem support, have a big sale on bloodbound ancients. If you want to release new battle pets (lol yeah right), do a best of shimzar mini expansion. Something like that. So that at any given time, there’s maybe 400 old cards and 400-600 new cards in standard but it’s not always the same old cards.


So, I’m curious for the general opinion of this place; if CPG were to introduce both the ‘Standard’ ladder, with the rotations in effect and some expansions rotated out, and a ‘Wild’ ladder, where no rotations apply and every card is included in there; free from balancing, which would you play?

  • I would play Standard, with rotations
  • I would play Wild, without rotations
  • I would play both ladders
  • I would quit.

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This also helps get across to CPG the general feel for these rotations; if many would only play ‘Wild’, there’d be no point to the rotations.

Standard Ladder & Wild Ladder
The Creep Paradox: Why rotation will set balance on its side forever
An idea for set rotations

Not happy about the rotation idea, that would essentially mean rebuilding all your decks once a year, yikes! And, it prevents you from using a huge chunk of your cards in a way that accumulates gold. I don’t play a lot of friendly matches, I prefer to play ranked, and this means that I won’t be able to use a huge chunk of my cards (which I have spent money on) to play the way I like to.

I think if you’re going to do this rotation thing, you should at least have another ranked match mode where you CAN use all of your cards to build decks. If the issue is new players having to learn all of the cards, give the new players this mode you’re talking about, and let the veterans have a more intense mode where we can continue to build on the game we love, without restrictions.

Also, I think that the mana cost for saberspine tiger is really going to devalue it. Although I like some of the other changes, like chromatic cold, and frostburn. Vanar is o.p. in my opinion, I mean that bloodbound spell doing 2 damage to the general almost every turn, it really adds up in a way that the other general’s bloodbound spells do not.

Anyways, that’s my two cents. Thanks for all the effort you guys are putting into making this a better game for everyone, I really do appreciate it.


Id love to see a CCG utilise retired cards/sets on a monthly basis. Imagine if each month the developers pick 2 cards from each class plus 4 neutrals which are made available in standard level play. This would mix up the meta a bit each month and also allow poeple to get occasional value from previous sets they purchased. (and make it worth crafting or buying old sets)

Dynamic wild inclusions each month would keep the game fresh and award veterans who have amassed large collections.


The saddest of all updates. The thought itself makes me demotivated to play.


MtG has/had a fan format like that. Random Standard. A few sets were chosen at random and you had to make decks only from those sets. Rather fun but hard to coordinate.


Perish the thought (unless they start ramping build minions)


Again, I think dealing with rush or redesigning Tiger entirely would be the right move.

I just disagree that they did it the right way for reasons outlined.


But, what about RNG? will grimes still summon battlepets when they’re out of rotation? what about grincher?

Grimes' card pool needs a tweak

Add Autarch’s Gifts, Sworn Sis, Cascading Rebirth and Khymera.

I second the question, @ThanatosNoa, what happens with RNG?

Grimes' card pool needs a tweak

I agree with most of the nerfs, but I am not happy about the rotations. I see no reason to kill off entire archetypes, especially if said archetypes aren’t toxic in any way (R.I.P. Creep decks, Lurking Fear and others).


Hence why I pray there exists a Wild format with every card, with exactly the same rewards for playing as standard. Only downside (which people should get used to, as there’s little alternative in this scenario) is that such a wild format would not take the font seat in terms of balancing; standard would.