Core Set and Rotation Changes


Well, hopefully we get a confirmation soon…Because that really sucks if it is the case.


Just looking through Shim’Zar cards I learnt:

Lyonar has 3 playable cards there: Lucent Beam, Afterblaze and Sun Wisp. Npthing really critical.

Hai will lose Katara, Battle Panndo, Ki Beholder, Onyx Jag and Crescent Spear. Katara is critical, Crescent Spear is a main card for Arti and Burn - so that’s sad. Others are decent, but not critical.

Vets will be hit really hard: Falcius, Whisper, Pax are very necessary, especially the first one. Additionally I will miss Spinecleaver.

Abyssians’ losses are kinda strange: Ooz, Azalea, Klaxon and Obliterate removal will make Creep archetype obsolete without heavy additions. Really, I think Obliterate should be added to core, Cass Variax is too damn slow. Lurking Fear is another lone archetype enabler that will be lost forever. Sphere of Darkness and Gor are also very useful, I’ll miss them.

Magmar has nothing really important for the most popular archetypes there. However, Moloki is the lone Grow Archetype enabler, and also there’s lots of egg support there, strange to see it all rotated away with the new general added.

Vanar has Aspect of Shim’Zar, which will fortunately be removed. Some weak Vespyr support rotation won’t change much, but winter’s wake will certainly be missed.

Neutrals are mostly crap however, nothing to see here.

As a result I must say that we don’t lose much critical stuff with Shim’Zar rotating out, TBH. Most concerns are Abyssian, Abyssian (not a typo) and Vet, but I believe CPG understands all the issues here better than me.

So, I’ll certainly be playing until they remove all those sweet arcanysts from AB. Then I’ll be really upset.


EDIT> Deleted. Misread comment. :smiley:


I believe mtg occasionally reprints old cards in new expansions. There’s no reason cpg couldn’t do the same. For example, a new set in 2020 could have 80~ new cards and 10~ shimzar cards. They could even do it dynamically, so if you were playing when shimzar was released and have the old cards, you wouldn’t pull any of them from the new expansion orbs. They could do that for all cards, obviously, but they won’t because $. But doing it just for reprints couldn’t hurt too much.


Very, very nice. Good changes. Keep it up, CPG.


MTG used to have a “Core Set” that printed every year. It was mostly reprints with sprinkles of new cards, but the reprinted cards would very a bit depending on what they wanted to see. They have since stopped printing these sets with their new rotation calendar that started a couple years ago. Now there are still a handful of reprints, but they are very few and far between and they are usually very vanilla cards.

But, not to undermine your point. Yes, it is entirely possible for CPG to choose to repack cards into new sets. I kinda hope they do, in fact. Especially as the game’s players and developers grow in experience, I’d be happy to see sets bring back old cards in places they want to see them.


Variax Cass is slow, but Abyss is the late game faction. Variax Cass is more answer or die than other Variax.


Envybaer and Mogwai got removed. How iconic.


I believe that a “wait and see” approach is probably best, when considering most impacts of these changes. But, please, cpg, allow some way for the cards removed from the base set to see play in standard format again. It’s seems like such a waste to remove them forever.

Also, is gauntlet impacted by this at all? Are all cards still available, or only the current rotation’s cards?


Is the card list coming out today?

edit: oops at mself


Rotation, in the context of CCG’s, means for a set of cards to be removed from the “standard” competitive format to make way for newer sets.

Older sets will never return to standard ranked play, but there may be other modes where they are usable.


They may “reprint” cards in future. Though, I don’t see that happening en masse any time soon.


With Shim’zar out, most Creep tools will be gone. Azalea, Ooz, Klaxon, Obliterate. Will there be replacements?


They had it coming from miles away (coming feom a vanar main).
Now it’s time to get back to the more midrangy and fun vanar.


I dont know how to feel about this. I’m just going through the Denizens of Shim’zar cards and there are so many of them that I want to see in core set. I’m sure you guys know what you are doing and there will be replacements for cards like Obliterate and Falcius eventually. But I’m seeing so much synergy with the new generals and all of it will be gone next year. ahhh dunno FeelsKindaSadMan


Holy shit, can I have a full reveal list please?


Good post

Two things

  1. Envybear, Mogwai, Scientist . Yeah we honor you with a card you don’t play our game any more.You can see reasoning for moving these cards out of permanent spot in game. Captain Hank Hart,Lux ingis and Eclipse cards that don’t fit theme of the game they should have added a little creative control to the kick starter cards. Moving all the Grandmaster to core along with Excelious while it has effect on gameplay. You can see the lore based implications as well. Not every move is strictly competitive based and it is interesting how strategic the core card dump they got rid of junk (Rook,Astral Crusader,Sand burrower) and they got rid of easy neutral staples like (Sunsteel,Dioltas,Blistering Skorn).It was bunch pretty smart moves

  2. I disagree Tiger was the right move and yes rush is a problem. Hearthstone learned this lesson over and over. Just like in duelyst cheap powerful buff spell + rush tends to break balance.The eventually solution is don’t let rush hit face on the initial turn and duelyst already has card Lavaslasher that does this. The move is healthy for the game and it gives great deal early game minions time to breathe. Rush should be faction inclusive where it can be carefully balanced.


Or just move them to Denizens of Shim’zar set since they are both be rotated out at the same time. It will just be too confusing to new players if there are cards that are not included in any set. Also I’m not very fond of the idea of cards only available by crafting.


Man, I am really against set rotation. I might actually stop playing the game, but I’ll wait to see what they are going to do.

Man, I can’t believe they didn’t add whispers to core vet. Seriously, falcius and pax make sense “not being in the core identity of the faction” but a card that makes obelysks summon wind dervishes should be


If there isn’t a separate matchmaking system for all card sets then I’m worried. I’m already nervously looking at some of my decks that’ll have their key cards be taken out come time for their set rotation and it’s not looking good guys.

The nerfs look great, lots of stuff I agree with, but the threat of losing deck flexibility (and card collectibility) is something that weighs heavily on me.

I don’t know, maybe I’m just freaking out. I just hope it pans out okay (ok is probably just me deleting a LOT of my decks like pretty much any of my anti summon sajj stuff :disappointed_relieved:)

btw, why is the tear emoji dissappointed relieved? I’m not relieved, I’m sad!

oh, and C.wisp X S.wisp OTP broken :cry: