Core Set and Rotation Changes


Yep, and scroll bandit was in UP as well as Eternity Painter, sentinels, flamewreath and mantra. Pando and katara in shimzar.


Thats not implied. Im guessing theres a casual mode coming but if its just rift, then yes, free dust. if its anything goes then you can save them.


The entire archetype didn’t need to get run over by a truck two times, stabbed 20 times by the driver, run over two more times and then spit on. All their cards are now so spread out, there is no way it is even possible to make a mantra deck. In fact, I doubt all combo decks that currently exist for any faction are not somehow being hurt by this. Also just realized, spellhai is f***ed too.


vet, ragnora, and cassyva are also gonna hurt a lot with rotation

shimzar has falcius, whipsers, pax, and conduit for vet
lava lance, wild inceptor, morin khur, moloki huntress, thumping wave, and gro for magmar
obliterate, ooz, ghost azaleas, lurking fear, klaxon and sphere of darkness for abyssian
the thunderhorn shimzar combo is literally dead
and lyonar wont be able to lucent beam, ironcliffe heart or afterblaze


Don’t forget literally all creep support is Shimzar. Ooz, Sphere, Klaxon, Obliterate, the artifact…


So its like, “we are keen to promote egg play”.

Three months later “eh… scratch that”.


I’m…actually really not okay with the rotations. And Why the removal of certain cards from the Core set? I am looking forward to the other gamemodes you mentioned though.

Edit: Okay, so I would like some clarification on your definition of “Rotation” Does it mean the expansions will be coming back, or will they be eliminated entirely from Ranked games once they are “rotated” out.


How many changes has Tiger had now? Is it the 5th change to the card? I’m surprised it isn’t being added to the removed cards section with all the changes/problems it has had trying to be balanced.


I think this is good and not bad.

This is one year and one day - and not two years.
Tiger. Really?


More combos will come. As far as mantra next season goes its down Crescent Spears from Eurasianjays netdeck, so it doesn’t have that same early clear. Everything else still there?


Can’t close out games without Tiger unless you just give Vanar and Lyonar a cheap rush minion for those walking buffs.


i dont think vanar has that problem

also maehv is gonna miss gnasher. possibly the only neutral shimzar card people might care about other than z0r and maybe kron


called it

Also- really happy about it. I think this is what the game needs.

I will miss you, Falcius. All Hail Lord Makantor, the Unchanged.


This was a necessary change for Duelyst, and I am in full support. As a magic player, I understand the importance of having rotating game modes for game longevity. It inherently prevents power creep while also keeping the game fresh with each expansion.

Also, I’m really looking forward to all the dust I’ll be getting from my revenants! :smiley: no kappa, will be a big help for fulfilling my goal of owning all Magmar cards.


If you aren’t rich and don’t have flawless or Gravity well, generally a wailing tiger can close a game as Kara. Same with immolation and Argeon. That’s what I was thinking.


This is because Grandmaster Zir has always been a part of the core set :wink:.

Lots of changes are coming tomorrow, but I’m really excited to see how the game will shape out and what we’ll see pop up!

Also thank you CPG for giving me a way to get last minute dust in time for the expansion


if you are lategame you have the mana for a 4 mana tiger and a 4 mana spell
if its really necessary it will still be a staple


Seems like I will craft Flawless and Gravity now… who needs Meltdown or Autachs gifts now with Armada and the new 9 mana vet spell…

With cheaty Ghost Seraphim i also won’t have to pay 6 for my Frostburn… HA!

please give me more aggro vanar options… CC was my Idol


Eh. im kinda into it since it wont be teched by people who dont really need it, but its not nearly as punishing to 1/3 openers and I dont think it has any value on curve now. 4 mana 3/2 rush for your opponent to respond witb 5 mana.


so wait. saberspine got nerfed. so now tusk boar is good?