Core Set and Rotation Changes


not now but after the first expansion next year


Well even if I disagree with rotation, at least kudos for giving ample (months) warning time.


some of those cards are suspect lore wise and some old players who dont play the game


a moment of silence for our old staples, streamers and memes

RIP flash sunsteel

RIP bond dioltas tombstone

RIP sand burrower twin fang otk meme

RIP skorn killing wraithlings and luminous charges (burn in hell)

RIP mogwai

RIP obelysk/makantor countering nightwatcher

RIP maehvs damage free BBS prophet

RIP weaker neutral grapnel paradigm

RIP astral crusader memes you wont be missed in competitive

RIP the scientist

RIP envybaer


Immortal Vanguard probably has 4 drops that are just as good or similar (See Suzembuchi), but with nerfs they like (like 4/3; 0/8 Dioltas or 3/5 Sunsteel


Well good bye fun Lurking Fear decks, goodbye Prophet/Maehv Combo, hello mech meta…

They’ll really have to release some fun cards this xpack or some amazing game modes to keep me playing after removing all my favorite stuff from ladder and making my least favorite archetype in the game into meta.


Congrats on 800 cards CPG! That said there absolutely must be a non ranked or non rotating format now.


You can still craft them and theres no full spirit refund for them, theyll probably become some kind of collector item.


Lurking Fear and Prophet are probably going to hurt the most, especially given the current state of Mantrahai. That was such an important stealth counter to spell cancer (unlike Skorn which can burn in hell for how bad it shut down Wraithlings)


Well after a year (“a year is a long time in CCGs”) they will be available again.


yeah Lyonar really feels bad about this one man

And to think I was running the Scientist Maehv on ladder.


Also, when does this go into effect?


No they wont. these cards have no set and are permenantly removed from rotation mechanic unless they join a new set since the new system allows cards by set. not having a set means you cant rotate in


i just realized that katara and crescent spear is shimzar

i think songhai will hurt more than we realized especially with the bloodrage mask nerf


you will have instead have a chance to pull a Grandmaster though… can’t argue about that

I will really miss Skorn when he rotates


The two other card games with changing formats that I follow, Hearthstone and MTG, do it in very different ways. Hearthstone just slams all the old cards in a corner and says “bugger off” to their Balance. MTG, on the other hand, handles it in a much more interesting way.

In MTG, set rotation has lead to the creation of many new formats, like Commander (the CORRECT way to play MTG). It uses the fact that the game has old and overpowered cards to expand on gameplay by letting these cards be played in more controlled environments. However, MTG is a physical card game which gives it an advantage in that playing with friends is a large pet of its appeal, so it does not have to try too hard to be mechanically good. I would love to see novel formats in Duelyst that are not just “same as standard but with different card set.”

However, I’m not sure if Duelyst has a large enough community to support multiple formats like MTG. Fun formats in the art can become barren wastelands if not enough players catch on. And if a format has little people, it will continue to shrink in a positive feedback loop.

Personally, I would love to see something like MTG’s commander format in Duelyst, where you get to choose a legendary minion as your general.


Mantra Control needs to hurt.


Everything we mentioned about the Core Set Cleanup will go into effect tomorrow with the patch, but you can still play with all your cards until we start the actual set rotations (with the first set released in 2018).

At that point we’ll have another article reminding players about the set rotation, what’s happening and what we we’ll be doing with/for game modes.

So basically, starting tomorrow

  • Cards (re)moved to the Core Set
  • Combining Ancient Bonds + Rise of the Bloodbound set into the Bloodbound Ancients set
  • Cards of the Bloodbound Ancients set will become craftable/disenchantable
  • Core Set Card Changes, along with full spirit refund for the Spectral Revenant, Frostburn and Chassis of Mechaz0r


Ah didnt realise that… this is worse than I thought. Thought they would join the soon to be excluded Ancient set and then eventually be returned? So only option is to dust them all?


I don’t think duelyst is built for singleton deckbuilding imo