Copying Decks 15


Thought it’d be nice if there was a feature to copy a deck. It’s nice to make a 2nd identical deck and edit and tweak THAT one, because sometimes altering a deck can make things worse, so keeping the original one is nice.

Obviously this isn’t needed, but it would be a nice and convenient feature for players.

[UI] Interface Fix Compilation
Clone Deck Functionalty

I totally second that !
Helpful when you want to try variations of an existing deck and you want to “refine” it without modifying the original one.

Until it’s a feature, I’m just using export/import from @t2k5 scripts (Collection enhancements), works like a charm when you’re super lazy as I am :wink:


I totally second that, too!
(Nothing more to say but I answered so the Devs see that there’s more then one person that would like to see such a feature.)


I´m sitting in the same boat.


That’s kinda weird, I never wanted this feature until exactly yesterday but yea I’d like to see it too.


Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll pass it along. It would definitely be pretty sweet to be able to just copy the deck and make small variations to it rather than having to create the list over and over again :smiley:


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