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Coporeal Cadence

Here’s my stab at a coporeal cadence deck. The idea is to get out minions with high attack, hence the bonecrushers, world golems or abhorrent unbirth, and kill them with Cadence. With the right board state you can get out a worldcore golem or huge abomination early. Fallback plan is swarm, which might win you the game before you can draw cadence.

I also thought of a funny deck idea of using mindlathe + grove lion to steal opponent’s fatties and then sacrifice them using various spells.

Additionally is there a thread anywhere that discusses deathwatch triggers? I was under the impression that it triggered whenever a creature dies, yet Bloodtide Priestess and Shadowdancer don’t trigger when they die. I’ll have to pay attention to figure out if the order that the minions are summoned in affects how many deathwatch triggers you get if there’s a Shadowdancer out and you wipe your own board with Abhorrent Unbirth.


Deathwatch simply doesn’t trigger when the minion itself dies. Unlike Dying Wish.
This includes AOE stuff so a single Thunderbomb can kill a Priestess with the surrounding wraithlings.
So Abhorrent Unbirth is a bad idea with deathwatch.

If Xor is active though then a minion that ‘dies’ stays on board and Deathwatch works so you can do stuff like Shadowdancer and Echoes.


Hmm, that’s unintuitive wording; at least compared to playing other card games such as MTG.

With that in mind I guess I’d rather switch them out for something with rush. Possibly worth adding in some other minions to give the abomination something like ranged or flying as well.

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About the deck, usually you don’t see both Abhorrent Unbirth and Cadence in the same deck. I’m guessing it is just hard to focus on two different things.
While you could do Abhorrent Unbirth + Cadence,
Abhorrent Unbirth + Saberspine Tiger is better.

Abhorrent Unbirth decks usually has rush minions (Saberspine Tiger, Metaltooth).

I would advise against Worldcore Golem. Too high cost.
You will be sad if it gets hit by cheap removal.
Even sadder if someone plays Betrayal (+Lure).


Letigress is also neat with Unbirth if you can afford her


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