Cool Lionar Combo I found


So, as I was playing Duelyst, I used my Dioltas as a damage minion. In my action bar, I also had a Divine Bond. Once I attacked with my Dioltas, I found that I could use my divine bond on the summoned Tombstone, and have a 10/10 minion with provoke that would cost 4 mana on my first turn, and 3 on my second. I do not know if this is a game-ending combo, but I believe that it definetly is a sufficient agression attack against all kinds of decks.


this is a very common strategy in almost all lyonar decks. congrats on figuring it out by yourself instead of reading it on the forums though


Sorry to break it to you but that’s nothing new. The reason why Dioltas is really good in Lyonar is for that specific reason. The combo is very simple and straight forward after all. Did you honestly believe you discovered something new? Just wondering.


Even more congratulations for not figuring it out the way I did… “What? The tombstone can move and attack?! Ouch.”



I did not think that it was anything new, because it seemed obvious. But still interesting


I didnt think that it was able to move either. I just hovered over it, and saw the minion icon. So, I experimented in one of my games, and won.


Its weird moments like this that make me see the game in a different light


Expected Tombstone to be a structure. Instead he turned out to be a dude who is funny and likes Backgammon and water colour paintings. What a delight. There was much rejoicing.


I found out that way. It SUCKED thought it was a structure.


Welcome to Duelyst @dacool2000!


Not gonna lie.

This is adorable. It’s like watching my puppy realize that he’s finally big enough to jump on my lap without assistance. tears They grow up so fast.