Controller Support?


Hello everyone, today, I had a great idea:
What if we integrated controller support in Duelyst?

Now I think it is something that will come with time ( near console release ) but, since it probably is super duper easy to implement, what if after all the devs come back from their trip to Hawaii, they implemented it? It’s a nice quality of life addition ( do I use this word correctly? ) and is bound to happen anyway. Or maybe someone can integrate that in a script?
There probably is nothing to discuss here bur, if you want to here’s a topic to discuss:
How would the game work with a controller?


If you play it on Steam, you can set the game up for controller support by adding mouse mappings in the Big Picture settings. Doesn’t matter what controller you use, either; Big Picture supports DS4, 360 pads, and Steam Controllers (although for a game like Duelyst I’d recommend the Steam Controller).

As for how it works, it’s pretty comfortable on a steam controller. I can’t vouch for other control methods cause the sticks on traditional peripherals are a world apart from Steam Controller trackpads.


Okay, thanks I’ll try that!


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