Control Vanar with Concealing Shroud


I know the expansion just got out and it’s probably to soon to ask that, but I wanted to know if any of you were able to come up with fun control oriented decks abusing of concealing shroud.
I really wanted to test the card out, but I wasn’t lucky with my first orbs in regards to Vanar, so I wanted to hear your experiences.


I haven’t tried anything out, but in my experience delay effects like that one work best when you’re waiting for a giant game ending combo. Does Vanar have anything like that?


I’m testing it with wall decks. It’s very usefull to stall the game until Embla / Winters Wake and to preserve White Asps charges. Since Vanar dont have good source of healing, any way to mitigate damage is welcome when playing control. I’m running 2 copies for now, but with the Magmar dominance going on I guess that 3 copies can be good too.


Tested a couple of match in Diamond with one I used to play. I just switched some Chaos Elemental and stuff to replace with Concealing/Meltdown.
Concealing+Meltdown helped a lot facing some that had on the board a 3xEclipse … :slight_smile:

It’s decent but may struggle with all those new Cardjaculation Magmars :slight_smile:

So, for now, until the meta clears a bit, I’ll stick to my Spellborn Songhai :fire: :fire: :fire:


I’m running an aggro version of faice and concealing shroud is perfect because it protects me from flameblood and my artifacts’ durability. Hitting for 5 with snowpiercer and not losing durability for 2 turns is huge


Concealing Shroud is a great card :slight_smile: after testing for a day, I think we can build a whole deck around just this card. To take the best advantage of this, you gotta go Aggro. Put 2-3 Snowpiercer in the deck, 1-2 Grincher for more fun, Flameblood Warlock is good too, then Grovelion to double the protection… It’s not as interesting as a Control Deck, but it’s sad to realize that vanar’s control decks are not really viable in this meta :frowning:


Here is the list I’ve been running. It harks back to a couple of months ago with control-I’m going to nullify literally every single one of your threats-Faie. But with a mid-rangy feel to it. You have the chance to grind them out. With the concealing shroud it becomes possible to finally just ignore the board state and win over a couple turns. They wasted their dispels on your fours drops and jaxi so they won’t have it for your face. Anyways super fun list though I’m still tuning it. Haven’t had a chance to play meltdown yet :,(


Concealing shroud definitely is worth the spot but I find I keep running out of cards… I gotta work on that


I haven’t tried Concealing Shroud. I’ve only tested a Control Vanar deck using Enfeeble combined with Snowchaser, Sarlac the Eternal, and Alcuin Loremaster.

If I use Concealing Shroud, I might use it in a Face Faie build. Card draw and timing are probably most important when running this card because it doesn’t directly trade with anything so you need to be sure you’re either threatening lethal next turn or trading effectively with the help of your general.


That feeling when Newbies attack your invulnerable general with all of their minions then type oops when they end their turn. It’s like giving ur first blood totem all over again.


All the new Vanar spells are good for a control list. Especially Enfeeble is extremely good removal, even for Vanar standards. This is my current version of Vanar control, I still have some testing to do but it has performed decently in s-rank today.


Try running a couple Alcuin Loremasters. Copying Shroud gives you an extra turn of stalling, and with perfect draw you technically have 6 of them lol. Works well with Meltdown if the game drags on really long.

I haven’t tried this type of thing before but I think it would be good. Huge fan of Alcuin, I think it will eventually become a somewhat common card.


Hey fellow vanar lovers, try playing the combination of Enfeeble and Coldbiter :slight_smile: I found out that Coldbiter is super strong these days, make it 2-3 in your deck, and add 2 more Bone Reaper to synchronize the effect. We can almost remove everything around. Use 1 Polarity as an optional win con if you like to :slight_smile: no one expects 9 damage from Bone Reaper.


Gonna try this

Quick and dirty summary/synergies(Syn) :

  • Wisp : ramp faster
  • Heart-Sister : multitool !
  • Icy : lock board while ramping (and cheap 2 drop to save sisters for later)
  • Alcuin : copy ConcealShroud (all spells are good)
  • Skorn : body + Syn/Enfeeble
  • Owlbeast : body + Syn/spells + Syn/Polarity (wincon)
  • Spelljammer : body + draw
  • Bonereaper : lock + Syn/Enfeeble
  • Meltdown : wincon
  • Coldbiter : Syn/Enfeeble


Looking good mate :slight_smile: Gotta craft some more Alcuin now


i’d love to make something like this but the only cards i have are sleet dasher and enfeeble. unfortunately, the only cards i got that i really wanted are nosh-rak and enfeeble


Hey Sleet Dasher and Boundless Courage is a super strong combination guys :smiley: it’s kinda situational, but if we manage to keep it alive for a turn, w 5 dmg it can possibly clear the whole enemy team, plus deal 5 dmg to the General. It’s fitting in well in these control vanar decks


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