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Control Mythron Wanderer (current rank 14)


Hello guys !! sorry in advance for my english i’m fucking baguette player :fr::fr:

I make this deck yesterday, and for now I have a good win rate (10win 4lose). Even if i’m only rank 14 now, this deck really has potential but it’s not perfect, Flicker and Grandmaster Zeno was useless on all my game I never needed to play them but I don’t know how to replace them (even though I think grandmaster Zeno can really have an impact), if you have some idea they are welcome.

Early Game

Play this deck it’s simple, you have to control the board and kill ALL minions,
especially do not be afraid to strike with your general you will end all the time with less than 10hp and often with less than 5hp. You have 4 bakstab minions + Obscuring Blow to destroy the minions early in the game (in fact all your minions costing less than 6 mana are used here) and try to take the board if possible use your spells for the same purpose.

Note: don’t hesitate to play the Capricious marauder when you can (preferably alone) it will be very useful, your opponent will focus on.

Note 2: Especially keep Astral Crusader in your starting hand and replace it as soon as the start of your turn, you can have a 10/9 at 4mana very quickly in the game

Mid Game

Once you have 6 mana you have to play your mythron wanderer directly, it will give you the advantage if you could control the board pretty much. from there you will win the board every turn and your minions become incredible (your Jax Truesight is insane 5x2/2 ranged), with your eternity painter, grove lion you will force your opponent to use a lot of resources to destroy them.

Note: I put little draw (Twin String and Killing Edge) because you play no more than 2 cards per turn, I burn very often at least one card per game but it does not matter (I don’t play a game where I had less than 20 cards in my deck)

End Game

I didn’t do enough game to have definitive stats on the deck but for now on 14 game once turn 8 pass I have not lost a single time. Every time you play your turn you will put too much pressure on your opponent and all your play will be more powerful than his own.
you still have a lot of minions to control (EMP, Paddo, Red Synja, Strom Kage) and put the pressure, Rook and the Reliquarian are still very useful in the game (Reliquarian + Worldcore Golem = Oneshot).

In addition to being strong it is also very fun to play but unfortunately this deck is very expensive in spirit.
I hope you like it, do not hesitate to give me tips to improve it, I’m sure we can make it much stronger.:kissing_heart: :grin:


Uhm, considering that you use trial (so you start with 6 cards) and you have only 2 2-mana drops, don’t you like ALWAYS skip your turn 1 play and burn a card for overdraw?


in fact I did a lot of game practice before the ranked and oddly it happens rarely to burn cards in round 1 but even if as I explain in this topic, we don’t care to burn cards in this deck


epic deck bro i think i’ll try it 8D


Well, that’s indeed odd, you must have been lucky, but remember that from gold and beyond skipping your turn 1 could lose you the game and burning cards to overdraw is always a problem


Even if you don’t have minions on board turn 1 you still have your spells trust me :blush:
For cards burn you’re probably right too It annoys me in my other deck but for that one really doesn’t bother me absolutely, I do not know why? :thinking::smirk:


Well, don’t worry, you will notice the difference yourself when you start encountering higher ranked players on the ladder :smiley:


I love this post. It warms my heart, which has been coated in a thin layer of ice, due to witnessing things of cruelty and malice… Up there, in the mountains called S Rank.


At the moment, s-ranks are actually surprisingly relaxed. Everyone’s gotten tired of playing top tier decks and are mostly memeing around.

How do I know? I’m playing a xor deck around rank 50 and won 7-1 yesterday. Normally, I’d get crushed.


As I said in the post I can replace cards (Grandmaster Zeno, Flicker) tell me what I could replace (turn 1,2). Maybe Mirrorim? Bloodtear Alchemsit ? Azure Herlad doesn’t look bad either in my deck ??
Ps: I’m not duelyst hardcore gamer so if I don’t finish diamond or S-rank it doesn’t matter


Maw, Healing Mystic, Azure Herald, Rock Pulverizer.

If you play Reva, Cryptographer would be very useful too. Reva’s BBS gets buffed by Wanderer so that’s a plus too.


Oh yes, thx for the tips I forgot Healing Mystic thanks, So I think I’ll put Azure Herald and Healing Mystic it will allow me to take more trade with my general
I tried to play Reva in practice but I find that Kaleos is better for control at the beginning of the game than Reva.
Kaleos can pick up minions that can rot the game.
It must be possible to play with Reva but I think we should change a lot of starting cards like mirror meld and inner focus, nah ??


Reva is the General to use if you want Songhai Wanderer. 2/2 Heartseekers are disgusting.


Here you can check some good lists (neutral minions are more or less the same in all wanderer decks), just to have an idea.


Surely better but I’m more comfortable on Kaleos.
If you have a quasi-similar deck with Reva I want to see it :heart_eyes:


This is Dracomoriaty’s list.


Or he could try 4/2 rippers, I’ve heard they are not bad either, omegaLUL


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: :upside_down_face: :expressionless:


Okay I was dismissing this as “yet another wanderer thing”, but NOT.
Actually looking at the cards you put, hahaha, you’re a madman @kronyd. :joy:

I’m so glad you’re happily rocking this crazy deck around, we need more funk on the ladder.

Vive la France. :fr:


Give us back the Mona Lisa though :thinking: