Control Meme-Frenzy Magmar


I present to you my dankest meme deck.
Early game: Gro and rex should be sufficient in slowing down the early game. You’ll still get wrecked by reva. If you have diretide frenzy + sun seer or purgatos, u should probably keep them
Mid game: combo frenzy with sun seer or purgatos and plop down a l’kian or sojourner (with frenzy lol) to piss off your opponents. Play mandrake if you feel like it, but you should save it for late game. Use thumping wave to remove opponents minions or put it on one of your frenzy gods.
Late game: hopefully by now, you’ve baited out most dispells and removal. Try to play your silthar elder

Things that can be replaced: 3x rex should probably be 3x young silthar, but this deck needs more rex memes

Flaming stampede should probably be replaced with another silithar elder, but i don’t have the dust for that.

This deck has carried me to gold. This proves that it is meme worthy. lul


You need some Nuclear Ponies. If you play it next so a sojo/ss/purgatos they’ll hit themselves and trigger yet again.

I think.


they do trigger with nuclear ponies, but I can’t fit them into my deck, and u want these guys to stick around for frenzy memes


wait wait wait … really? is that things are suppoused to work?


effect triggers on dealing damage
nuclear pony makes minions hit themselves
half life 3 confirmed


So, you got to Gold or not ? :stuck_out_tongue: I call for Goldception


Thanks for pointing out my mistake in updating the post


Not enough memes. Expecting full on Khymera, Chrysalis Burst, Mana Confluence, Panddo, Prismatic Serpenti. Wholly disappointed.


Is there any reason why you ignore Swamp Entangler? Your comment is a provocation to all real Meme-ists out there! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Competitive meming is more important :slight_smile: