Control Kara with a splash of walls


(Cards I’m running currently instead of embla and winters wake are 3x pandoras)

I’ve been tinkering with this deck for a little bit now (excluding winters wake and Embla, although they will be added with the expansion). I’ve had decent success with it and was wondering what you guys thought. Kara’s new BBS is surprisingly useful for a control deck, gives a lot of value (and isn’t broken like her old one).

The only issue I’ve had is refilling if my hand dries up, which may lead me to add some additional card draw.


With so many strong bodies and no snowchasers, have you considered trying Keeper of the Vale? It seemed fairly strong when I tested it in this kind of Kara - you drop it on 6 along with your BBS for a 4/5 and another buffed minion. If it pulls anything above a Skorn or a Dioltas then you’re getting crazy value.


Oh crap that’s a good idea, I’ll give that a try.


How have the Chakkrams been working for you? Also, I noticed that blazing spines appear to be your only walls that you run; have you considered adding gravity wells and/or bonechill barriers?


Chakkram is pretty useful against aggro, I’ve considered running walls but I think i’d only run gravity well. I think the only wall cards I’ll be adding will be Embla and Wake.


Keeper of the Vale won’t resurrect walls, right? I wonder if there’s a Keeper Kara deck hiding from us. Resurrect Kara-synergy minions like Pandora and Kron, but play wall-control until you can make that happen.


Ohhoo this is a slow deck! I would get rid of 1frostburn, 3 copies is too many.
I’ll get rid of I big icy thing - and put keeper instead or groove if you’re working for big minions.


I feel like Jax is a must in any slower Kara deck.


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